Thursday, 26 June 2008

Young MC - I Come Off 1990

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Young MC is an American rapper known for his 1989 hit, Bust a Move, from his debut album Stone Cold Rhymin', which also featured Know How and I Come Off. The album won the second and last-ever Grammy Award for 'Best Rap Recording' at the 1990 Grammy Awards, during the golden age of hip hop. Young was born Marvin Young in South Wimbledon, London, England, and was raised in Queens, New York. He graduated in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in economics, which he received before Stone Cold Rhymin' completed production.

The Southern Comfort Mix is remixed by CJ Mackintosh and Dave Dorrell. Mackintosh is one of Britain's most prolific and successful remixers and as a DJ, few can match his supurb mixing abilities. A residency at the renowned Film Flam club, mixes for Serious records and then in 1987 CJ became the World DMC Mixing Champion. Mackintosh hooked up wilh Dave Dorell and joined his group Nasty Rox Inc. With Dorrell and two members of Colour Box, they created the seminal House track Pump Up The Volume by M|A|R|R|S.

The other mixes feature N'Dea Davenport supplying extra vocals for a chorus hook. Not long after this she joined the Brand New Heavies.

  • Southern Comfort Mix
  • 12" Version
  • 7" Remix
  • Instrumental
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