Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Chimes - True Love 1990

CBS Records CHIM T2

I heard a superb remix of Stronger Together and when this got released I thought I had found it. I was totally gutted to find that this is a Morales Dub Club groove that has very little in common with the original.

Then I played the True Love mixes and suddenly, the world was a nicer place. Two gorgeous mixes, both equally addictive but I think that the Extended Version is better listening whereas the Louie Louie Remix, having that baaad bass line, is better for the floor.

  • True Love (Extended Version)
  • True Love (Louie Louie Remix)
  • Stronger Together (Red Zone Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Chimes 12.rar Filesize: 33.5 MB

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