Friday, 6 June 2008

Movement 98 - Sunrise 1990

Circa Records YRT 51

This was the follow up to the dancefloor classic Joy and Heartbreak, which I never knew about until I came across it in a secondhand shop. Movement 98 comprised of Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne, better known as Perfecto. The full artist credit is Movement 98 featuring Carroll Thompson.

Carroll Thompson is better known (to me) for her Lovers Rock reggae releases, in particular I'm So Sorry from 1981. This release is let down somewhat by a clumsy attempt to include a rap by Cinderella which was the thing at the time. Many releases had a 'without rap' edit included on the 12" but not on this one. I created my own edit and have included it in the rar file. Feel free to use it or delete it as you see fit?

  • Sunrise (Satori Mix)
  • Ninety 8 (Complete)
  • Sunrise (Satori Dub)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Movement 98.rar Filesize: 39.18 MB


  1. i love your blog. thanks for this post! i loved joy and heartbreak. any chance you can post that 12" too?

  2. Coming soon Brian ;-)

  3. Thanks for this, been looking for the full length original mix. Do you have the remixes of Joy and Heartbreak (not the Smith & Mighty ones?)

  4. Any chance of re-uploading this and many other uploads, since Megaupload no longer exist...?


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