Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Maxeen - Is It Meant To Feel This Way 1988

Bodyrock Records BR-T-002

I know the information on the sleeve and labels says different but somebody down at Bodyrock made a mistook? The cat. number above, I read from the engraved run out. The track on the flipside is most definitely Is It Meant To Feel This Way with a fade?

OK, shame about Threw It All Away but this is a groove. Not to everybody's taste of course but in South London during the 'Summer of Love' this was slamming. Forget about the 808's and Smiley faces, here comes Maxeen with her chunky killer b-line and floaty vocal with a slighty squiffy chorus, and Man, that stab!

Recorded in London's A.M.A. Studios with Andrew Palmer at the controls. Tony 'Skully' Cooper is the man behind the music and that's a Bass Synth people. Distributed, once again, by Jet Star bringing The Sound of Urban London to the masses. Well, they tried to back in the day?

  • Is It Meant To Feel This Way 5:59
  • Is It Meant To Feel This Way 5:10
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: 1988 Is It Meant To Feel This Wa..rar Filesize: 23.69 MB

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