Monday, 9 June 2008

Emma Haywoode - Don't Poison Me 1991

Boss Records BOSS 12008

  • Don't Poison Me
  • Don't Poison Me (Instrumental)
Cracking slab of vinyl from Emma Haywoode, this dropped in '91 and I never heard of her again. Back in the day, I wondered whether she was related to Haywoode, the 1985 Pop/Dance 'Roses' artist. Now in the age of the internet, it took me two clicks to find out that she is the sister of Sid (Sidney) 'Roses' Haywoode. How the times are changing. Enjoy.

This gorgeous eco-friendly groove was written and produced by Emma & Livingston Brown and published by Equinox Songs. Need Your Lovin' was the only other release by Emma, released in 1990 I've never seen or heard it?

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Emma Haywoode.rar Filesize: 18.67 MB

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