Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A.B.'s - Deja Vu 1983

Streetwave XKHAN 503

  • Deja Vu
  • Asian Moon
A Jazz Funk release on Morgan Khan's Streetwave label, this is Tokyo Jazz from the Alfa Moon stable. This Japanese instrumental funk group was formed in '82 by bass player Naoki Watanabe and Atsuo Okamoto from the group Spectrum, guitarists Fujimal Yoshino and Makoto Matsushita, and keyboard player Yoshihiko Ando. Yoshino came from a band called Shogun while Matsushita and Ando were studio session musicians. Its fair to say that all members worked as studio musicians at some point though. Watanabe and Yoshino had also made aquaintance via the Moon Records Fujimaru Band.

Produced by Toshio Oguri and engineered by Tatsuo Umetsu for 'From East'. All very interesting I'm sure but hearing it is far more impressive, Deja Vu is a beautiful piece of soulful jazz with an oriental edge. If you haven't, then you should!

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