Friday, 20 June 2008

Sounds Of Blackness - I'm Going All The Way 1994

Perspective Records 31458 7481 1

  • Nuttin But Sõl For Ya Remix
  • Nuttin But Sõl For Ya Instrumental
  • Break Da Sõl Remix
  • Classic Remix
  • A Stompin' Good Time Dub
  • Fierce Reprise Dub
Recorded at Skip Saylor studios by 'AJ' Jeffries, this Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis 'Flyte Tyme' production is taken from the 'Africa To America: Journey Of The Drum' album by the mighty Sounds Of Blackness. In case you were stranded on a desert island somewhere, The Sounds Of Blackness are a 52 piece Gospel group led by Gary Hines, which spawned Ann Bennett-Nesby. This was from their second album and for it's single release, a whole heap of remixes were commisioned. This is the less common Sõl Survivor & Frankie Knuckles collection.

Frankie Knuckles is one of my all time favourite remixers but his Classic Remix is most definitely not classic. It doesn't suit the vocal at all and was, IMHO, a sign that his star was beginning to wane (step forward David Morales, the servant becomes the master). The two Knuckles Dubs are far superior with Stompin' being a great full vocal (less dub) take. Personally, the Sõl Survivor mixes are what makes this 12" essential. Superb, rough R&B grind with the looping sound bytes that work in unison with the vocal. Nuttin' But Sõl For Ya!

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  1. Hi Mickey

    this is a great release!

    Do you have sounds of blackness testify (cj 12" remix)

    I would love that to be available on here.

    Cheers for any info


  2. Hi, I was wondering do you have the I believe remixes especially the Quiet Storm mix is what I am looking for from Sounds of blackness. Please contact me at


  3. Oh, an intelligent comment from an anonymous guest? ;-)

  4. Hi!
    The link does not work anymore. It's there anywhere else I may get this?


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