Friday, 6 June 2008

Frances Nero - Footsteps 1991

Debut Records DEBTX 3109

Billed as "The Soul Anthem Of The 90's", this Ian Levine collaboration took the UK dancefloors by storm in early 1991, even managing to reach #17 in the UK Top Twenty. To quote Ian Levine:
"Frances Nero won a talent contest in Detroit in 1965, won a year's recording contract with Motown, and released one single, "Keep On Loving Me", then recorded for Eddie Singleton's Shrine label, but those recordings never even came out, so she went twenty three years between releases. I wrote this song, which I adore, with Ivy Jo Hunter, the man who wrote "Dancing In The Street". I found Frances in Detroit and she hadn't even recorded for twenty three years. This was the only Motorcity release to cross over to the charts. However, and much to Frances' constant annoyance to this present day, the deal for Motorcity was an exclusive one, and was frozen, with no more releases coming out, and the only way I freed up the entire catalogue was to waive all rights to royalties for Footsteps, so none of us made a penny off it. Sad. But still a wonderful record and a classic, especially thanks to Chris Hill."
The main A Side mix rules but do check the Sole Mix by Steve Mac & Darren Pearce and Robin Sellars 'Lace Up Mix' which are both competent but unnecessary.

  • Footsteps following me
  • Footsteps following me (Sole Mix)
  • Footsteps following me (Lace Up Mix)
The Download Link is here:Download
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