Thursday, 19 June 2008

Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch 1983

Chrysalis Records MALC 312

To be truly cynical for a moment, it's easy to suggest that McLaren preyed upon the stupid. After taking the dumb, young testosterone filled white teenage rock scene by storm with the Sex Pistols, he then proceeded to do the same with young black teenagers, taking the whole B-Boy/Hip Hop/Electro thing out of 'The Projects' and putting it onto the World stage.
('Of course we know who can really blow')
The true wonder lies in the fact that he was able to do it after being labeled as a 'con man' on the music scene. Of course, the fact of the matter is, he was bloody good at exploiting an opportunity. I was about to say talent but I don't think that description covers Sid Viscious? McLaren was a genius of sorts but love him or hate him, he did bring The World Class Supreme Team Show to our attention and for that alone, I'll allow him the room to exist in my little piece of the web.

The main release here is credited to Malcolm McLaren & The Ebonettes and is basically, Double Dutch is like a theme song for the skipping sport of the American Double Dutch League. That makes it sound like crap but I love it, it's not quite singing and not quite rapping either, set over a traditional African melody with a catchy chorus. Considering that this was the follow-up to the revolutionary Buffalo Gals, it must have taken some balls to put this out, or a good accountant.
"Schemin' on the meaning of a jazz thing."
The flipside is credited to Malcom McLaren & The World Class Supreme Team Show but McLaren don't figure on this except in the writing credits. She's Looking Like A Hobo seems to be either the track that was used in Buffalo Gals or an extension of the idea used in Buffalo Gals. Either way, if you like the music behind that track, you'll enjoy this. I like all of this release, it's fresh and interesting a quarter of a century down the line but the track that makes it essential to me is D'Ya Like Scratchin'? This track always makes me feel good with its hip hop scratch and rap skills set over a soulful melodic backbeat. Returning to my opening cynicism, this is probably an advert for their radio show but as with all McLaren's projects, it's done so well that you don't feel the pain.
Novacaine for the Soul?

  • Double Dutch (New Dance Mix)
  • She's Looking Like A Hobo
  • D'Ya Like Scratchin'? (Special Remix)
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