Sunday, 31 March 2019

D'Angelo - Always in My Hair (Scream 2 Promo) (1998)

Buena Vista International (UK) Ltd. ‎– MOVM17/6/98


A quick and dirty post for you my Soulistas: D'Angelo with a rare, full length version of his cover of Prince's Always In My Hair.

This is a four track promo CD for the movie Scream 2, multimedia section not included. I've never seen the film and I can't even remember exactly where I got this promo CD from now. It says Total Film in the album title - I expect I saw D'Angelo on there at random and impulse purchased it.

There's an okay Jon Spencer Blues Explosion track if you fancy going off-piste, but tracks 3 & 4 are... not for me. Yuck. :D

The first track, however, is D'Angelo at his Voodoo era best, rocking it out with the dopest Prince cover I've ever heard. It sounds like it really belongs on Voodoo and I can imagine it being one of the tracks that didn't quite make the cut. This DL is essential for this one track, even if you delete the rest.

Here's the Discogs entry


  1. D'Angelo - She's Always In My Hair
  2. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Right Place Wrong Time
  3. Everclear - The Swing
  4. Less Than Jake - I Think I Love You
Download: Scream 2 Multimedia & Audio Promo.7z | Filesize: 31.3MB

Darkman - Who's The Darkman (1994)

Wildcard Records, CARDD8 853489-2


320 re-up!

Today's prime cut I'm serving up is Darkman's follow-on single to Yabba Dabba Doo, which you can find elsewhere on this site - "earth gyrl" had posted in the comments section she'd like to see this one posted, so, this one's for you, Gyrl.

Who's The Darkman was a nice follow-up single, but didn't make as huge a splash as Yabba Dabba did. However, it's still a great sounding funky track (despite the kinda loose rapping style at times), and will sound dope played at volume from your car speakers - please tell me I'm not the only one who's been caning Soul Vendor in my car?? I've got an iPod playlist chock full of beautiful urban goodness from here - but I digress.


I like both mixes of this track, and find it hard to pick between them. I think the Shine Mix just edges it, but it kinda depends on my mood. Wicked isn't a bad song, but you'll really be wanting the title track.

If I recall correctly, there were no more releases from Worldwide, the album that accompanied this and Yabba Dabba, but don't quote me on that. Regardless, the two posted here are HEAVY!

Take care, lovely people.

- Kymba :)


  1. Who's The Darkman? (Power Lab 7")
  2. Who's The Darkman? (Shine Mix)
  3. Wicked (Ghetto Lab Mix)
  4. Wicked (Power Lab Mix)
Download: D-WTD.7z | File size: 38.8MB

Friday, 29 March 2019

Courtney Pine featuring Lynden David Hall - Lady Day (& John Coltrane) - (2000)

2000 - Universal Jazz ‎– 587 902-2, Blue Thumb Records ‎– 587 902-2

Darling of the British jazz scene (and beyond) Mr Courney Pine CBE is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the saxophone (and bwoy does he make that sax sing), flute, clarinet, bass clarinet and keyboards.

Establishing the influential UK band The Jazz Warriors in 1985, Courtney released the first of many solo albums the following year.

Pine was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2000, and Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2009 New Year Honours for services to jazz music. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Westminster on 6 December 2004. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Southampton on 15 July 2010.


So Courtney dropped this fine cover of the Gill Scott Heron classic track back in 2000, featuring our beloved and greatly missed Lynden David Hall on vocals. What a track it turned out to be - a jazz/pseudo Drum & Bass hybrid that is sure to get you grooving. 

Courtney is such an underrated artist and backed up with Lynden's silky vocals it's a hell of a combination.

However, within just six short years of this release Lynden would no longer be with us and the UK music scene would be a poorer, less soulful place.

With no disrespect in any way meant to the mighty Courtney Pine, it is our man Dodge who really brings this track to life with his Soul Inside remix, bringing a more R&B/street soul vibe to the cut and providing the definitive version 

Dodge, Soul Vendor salutes you (and not for the first time either)! 



  1. Lady Day (& John Coltrane) (Radio Edit)
  2. Lady Day (& John Coltrane) (Soul Inside Remix With Rap)
  3. Lady Day (& John Coltrane) (Bishop Brad Club Mix)
Download: CP&LDH-LD&JC.7z | Filesize: 29.9MB

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Lynden David Hall ‎– Sexy Cinderella (1997)

Cooltempo ‎– CDCOOL 328

Mickey has already posted the remix CD here ages ago (supplied by AliFunk) and re-upped in 320 by yours truly. 

However, this is the original release which I prefer, barring the seriosuly dope Perfect Love Song with Black Twang. You need to go get that one, peeps.


The original Neo Soul album flavour does it for me. I don't need any other version. This also contains three variants on the Cosmack mix which is nice enough, better than the C&J versions, but I've already nailed my colours to this mast. Original all the way.

I still get very sad whenever I think about our lost soul man. I've said before on here we are far poorer in the UK for never getting to hear what other music he had inside him.

I miss you, Lynden. xxx

  1. Sexy Cinderella (Radio Edit)
  2. Sexy Cinderella (Album Version)
  3. Sexy Cinderella (Cosmack Radio Edit)
  4. Sexy Cinderella (Cosmack 12" Mix)
  5. Sexy Cinderella (Cosmack Instrumental)
Download: LDH-SC.7z | Filesize: 49.7MB

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Lynden David Hall - Sexy Cinderella (Remixes) (1999)

EMI Records 7243 886588 2 9


Kymba's note: I'm reupping this in 320kbps. For the record, I wasn't feeling the C&J Mix at all and much prefer the organic neo soul vibes of the original mix, for me, like Mick, it's all about the Perfect Love Song version with Blak Twang - an artist I've loved since Dettwork Southeast. The Original of Perfect Love Song featured on the LP 19 Long Time wasn't one of his finest cuts, but spliced with the DNA of Sexy Cinderella it becomes one of his best. Essential stuff. x

The text below is Mick's original write-up.

This is another fine addition provided by Alifunk, the 1999 re-release of Sexy Cinderella. The C&J Remix supplied by Cutfather and Joe for XL Talent. There is also the very competent Live Acoustic Version of Medicine 4 My Pain recorded at Café De Paris by BBC2 for their 'Soul Night' programme. It's hard to work out where the label were coming from with this release cos there are three random tracks with no particular purpose other than to gain some extra mileage off the back of Lynden's '98 Mobo award.


Whatever the reason, it's a good release because it features Perfect Love Song by Black Twang featuring Eldee. Tony Olabode a.k.a Tony Rotten a.k.a. Blak Twang is an award winning hip hop heavyweight, who has released two albums and has worked with artists such as Beverley Knight. In this instance he has built his own song around the chorus and groove of Sexy Cinderella. Eldee, sorry, LD is obviously Lynden who supplies the vocals for the chorus. Don't go thinking that The Twang has simply stolen Lynden's groove though because the video clearly shows them working together. The last few seconds show them fooling about together so it's legit.

  1. Lynden David Hall - Sexy Cinderella (C&J Remix)
  2. Blak Twang featuring Eldee - Perfect Love Song
  3. Lynden David Hall - Medicine 4 My Pain (Live Acoustic Version)
Download: LDH-SCR.7z | Filesize: 31.5mb

Big shout out to José Manuel. Respect!

Friday, 22 March 2019

Christopher Wiliams - Every Little thing U Do (1994)

Uptown Records ‎– UPTDM-54613


Troy Christopher Williams (born August 22, 1967) is an American singer–songwriter and actor. Williams scored several R&B hit singles, notably "Talk to Myself" (1989), "I'm Dreamin'" (1991) and this release, "Every Little Thing U Do" (1993) during the New Jack Swing period. And this one is my favourite.

If you've seen New Jack City (if not, why not? It's a great film) then you'll recognize him as Kareem Ackbar, the banker dude in Nino Brown's cartel. He also supplied a great little track for the New Jack City soundtrack album in "I'm Dreamin'" which I believe got to number 1 in the US (Actually, that whole New Jack City album is a classic and deserving of a post in and of itself... but I'm digressing).


The album version is a great mid tempo NJS banga and I love it but the Dawghouse Mix is my weapon of choice, borrowing some Hip Hop staples such as the oh so dope Gang Starr featuring Nice & Smooth DWYCK bassline (which in turn comes from Lawrence Wheeler & The Enforcers) as well as drums courtesy of Melvin Bliss's Synthetic Substitution - a break I waxed lyrical about loving on the Romeo And post I did recently.

Built on the rock solid foundations of the original It's better than any of the other tracks on the CD. Or maybe that's my predilection for 90s East Coast Hip Hop showing themselves??


  1. Every Little Thing U Do (Album Version)
  2. Every Little Thing U Do (Dawghouse Mix)
  3. Every Little Thing U Do (Radio Mix)
  4. Every Little Thing U Do (Clark And Tim Flip Da Bass)
Download: CW-ELTUD.7z | Filesize: 41.4MB

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit 'Em (1991)

Columbia Records 656950 9

A quick & dirty 320 re-up!

Another massive tune from my youth. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam had already ensured I would always love them with the infectious I Wonder If I Take You Home, but this was the killer track for me.

Much like Main Source's Looking At The Front Door, released around the same time, this was built around a gorgeous Fender Rhodes sample taken from "Think Twice" by Donald Byrd (thanks for the spot, Simon!). It's such a testament to the original that this one little rhodes part can be isolated, looped and a whole new, fabulous, track span out of it.

Included is the bitesize Radio Mix, which is fantastic, but if you have a spare seven and a half minutes then why not spoil yourself, put your feet up, and dive into the almost Coldcut-esque sample fest and chopped up breakbeat madness that is The Brand New Super Pumped-Up C&C Vocal Club Mix. It's a thing of magnificence.

There's also an aptly named 5 Minute House Version, which I make 5:03 minutes long, which is a classic in its own right, but I can't get past the above.

Really though, this was Clivillés & Cole at their super-producer best, and a great testament to their talent.

  1. Let The Beat Hit `Em (The Brand New Super Pumped-Up C&C Vocal Club Mix)
  2. Let The Beat Hit `Em (Radio Mix)
  3. Let The Beat Hit `Em (5 Minute House Version)

Download:  LL&CJ-LTBHE.7z | Filesize: 37.9MB

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Jamiroquai - Stillness In Time - CD1 & CD2 - (1995)

Sony Soho Square ‎– 662025 2, Orenda (2) ‎– 662025 2


Some classic era Jamiroquai for you, this time with one of the strongest cuts off their second LP, Return Of The Space Cowboy.

'Stillness In Time' is a track that starts slowly, almost formulaic. In fact, back in the day it took me a while to appreciate it with my minimal attention span. I preferred Space Cowboy (the single version) and Half The Man.  However, once this kicks in it sounds fantastic! I have to say the band are on point here, rocking a dope jazz-funk groove that they started moving away from on later albums. 


Out of either mix on this disc I tend to go for the Vinyl Version as I like the slightly extended nature of it, and once that groove starts, I don't like letting it go! The other tracks are two of the David Morales mix variants. Great for the dancefloor, and timeless house clasics in their own right, but I do prefer the funky flavours of the original single mix, not included.

CD1 Tracklist
  1. Stillness In Time (Radio Edit)
  2. Space Cowboy (Classic Radio)
  3. Space Cowboy (Classic Dub)
  4. Stillness In Time (Vinyl Version)


So CD2 is one of these mini greatest hits affairs that Jamiroquai love to do.

Stillness In Time (Vinyl Version), my favourite version of this track, gets another airing. Followed up with album tracks Emergency On Planet Earth (a fave of mine), Space Cowboy and Light Years. Pretty standard stuff really.

CD2 (Greatest Hits) Tracklist
  1. Stillness In Time (Vinyl Version)
  2. Emergency On Planet Earth
  3. Space Cowboy
  4. Light Years (Radio Edit)
Download: J-SIT1&2.7z | Filesize: 87.7MB

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Courtney Buchanan - R U Conscious (1993)

Conscious Records MCSTD 1792

I'm re-upping this in 320. Yay!

Remember when London's KISS 100FM was good? 

Yeah, me too. 

I guess part of it was its move from pirate radio to fully fledged commercial station coincided with a real boom in quality UK soul, hiphop and dance music. 

Back in the day, they used to cane this one track that got right under my skin. That track was the Hip Hop version of R U Conscious by Courtney Buchanan. Whatever the reason, I failed to pick it up on its release, and then I couldn't get it anywhere. Cue Mickey P The Man posting it here on Soul Vendor, and Kymba is made one very happy lady. Nice one, Mickey!

Anyway, it's still all about the Hip Hop Mix for me, but Mick disagrees.

As always, These are high quality audio rips, and high res artwork scans are included in the .ZIP file.

Here's what the man himself had to say in his original post:

Courtney Buchanan gained critical acclaim with his single release Life With You in '92. His second single release 'R U Conscious - The Chapters' (CON 14) was licensed from Conscious Records by MCA a scored a minor hit in 1993.

The CD single release features the additional Hip Hop Edit and the Final Chapter (Instrumental). Buchanan was hot property in '93 and Soul II Soul's Daddae Harvey is involved on the remixes. His Soul Mix: The Final Chapter was always the one that got the drop back in the day. Listening now, I think the Album Version is the better mix.
In 1994 he dropped a stunning release called Heaven which I never got my hands on. It's supposedly taken from an album called 'Kingdom Come' but I've never come across either.

  1. Chapter One (Hip Hop Edit)
  2. Chapter One (Full Hip Hop Mix)
  3. Chapter Two (Ragga Mix)
  4. Chapter Three (Album Version)
  5. Chapter Four (Soul Mix)
  6. Final Chapter (Instrumental)
Download: CB-RUC.7z | Filesize: 62.5MB

Romeo And ‎– Romeo And You (1993)

Elektra Entertainment ‎– 9 61363-2, Elektra Entertainment ‎– 61363-2


So I've been wanting to post up my 12" of For You (I'll Do Anything) for ages. It's a great little New Jack Swing stomper based around that ol' classic Synthetic Substitution by Melvin Bliss breakbeat, which I first became aware of thanks to the mighty Ultramagnetic MCs Ego Trippin' track. It's up there with the Skull Snaps It's A New Day and the Hot Pants break in my top three favourite breakbeats.



The track was really big for five minutes but sadly, despite the initial promise of For You and the release of this album and a second single, I'd never hear from Romeo And again.




Double sadly, with the loss of my turntable, I can't rip vinyl anymore, and this track was never released as a CDS so once again I'm flying in the face of my no albums rule.

What we are left with is a great song in For You, and a collection of bad to decent but not stellar ballads and NJS album tracks

It's worth having for this one track though.


  1. Romeo And You (A Vocal Opera)
  2. For You (I'll Do Anything)
  3. Let Me Do Ya
  4. Sex You
  5. Answer Your Prayers
  6. Settle Down
  7. If Only You Could See In Me
  8. All I Have To Do Is
  9. Didn't Wanna Make You Cry
  10. That's What Love Is
Download: RA-RAY.7z | Filesize: 110.5MB

China Black - Searching (original mixes) (1992)

Big One Records ‎– V V BIG 29 CD

Version excursion!

So, Mick posted up the re-release CDS a few years ago, and, as I had it too, I've re-upped it in 320 quality. This, however, is the original mixes CDS.

I won't repeat everything Mick already wrote in his comprehensive write-up for the re-release, so this will be a quick 'n' dirty post.

I fell in love with this track from the very first time I heard it. Errol Reid's sweet vocals paired so well with the great reggae production from Simon Fung & Longsy D. It's such a wicked tune, and it did serious damage on the Reggae charts where it stayed at number one for what felt like forever! I remember listening to Rodigan on Kiss back in the day thinking "my boys have done it again!". For more info, check out Mick's original post linked above.

You really need no remixes of this classic, and nothing on this CD or the re-release can touch the original... but out of all the mixes on either release, the Soft Soul remix on this CD is the pick of the bunch as far as I'm concerned.

Anyone else agree?
  1. Searching (Reggae)
  2. Searching (Original Soul)
  3. Searching (Dub)
  4. Searching (Club Soul)
  5. Searching (Soft Soul)
Download: CB-S-WC.7z | Filesize: 45.4MB

China Black - Searching (re-release) (1994)

Wild Card Records CARDD7

320kbps re-up!!

China Black were comprised of Errol Reid and Simon Fung. The group first released the song Searching in 1992 which stayed in the reggae chart for 12 weeks at number one and went top 5 in the R&B chart. Unfortunately, their indie record label went bankrupt and the track failed to chart in the UK Top 20. It was re-issued in the summer of 1994, when pop-reggae became the new trend in the British charts and this time made it to number four, selling 350,000 copies in the process.

Although they had good results with other singles (namely Stars) nothing came close to the success of Searching. The Original Mix by Longsy D, a.k.a. Andrew Alexander Long is the most authentic, bearing in mind the track is by nature, written as a reggae song, but the *Mykaell S. Riley Mix is, hands down, the most commercially accessible. The Ronin Mix tries, with some success, for the RnB style and Heavy Tactic go for the Dubby Trip Hop route. A song this infectious is hard to spoil but Full Force (Peter DiOrio not Bowlegged Lou) have a good go.

Birmingham born Errol Reid, has enjoyed a successful career in the music industry. Errol started singing at school and has since written for many well known artists. During his career he has appeared on many TV shows like BBC TV Children in Need, Princess Diana's Concert of Hope and many many more. During his time with China Black he toured all the major arenas of the world and sung duets with Robin Gibb on his world tour and also the late Barry White. Simon Fung turned his attention to songwriting, signing to Peermusic (one of the biggest independent publishers in the world) and working with various producers, writers and artists, such as Blue, Atomic Kitten and Natasha Bedingfield whilst also setting up his own record label as well as TV and film work.


  1. Searching (Mykaell S. Riley Mix)
  2. Searching (Original Longsy D Mix)
  3. Searching (Ronin Mix)
  4. Searching (Full Force Mix)
  5. Searching (Heavy Tactic Mix)
Download: CB-S-BO.7z Filesize: 49.3 MB


Mykaell S. Riley has worked for artists such as Soul II Soul, Courtney Pine and a host of others. He began with Steel Pulse before moving on to found the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra. His career spans over twenty years, during which he has performed, produced, managed and consulted on many artists and their projects. As a professional writer/producer, his work encompasses TV, Film and Theatre, but mainly albums, over thirty of them - resulting in over nine top twenty positions, and three number ones. A Senior Lecturer in Music Production at the University of Westminster, Mykaell is also Senior Trustee for the Black Music Education Trust, a new initiative borne out of the need to document the history of black music.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Young Disciples - Get Yourself Together (1991)

Talkin' Loud ‎– TLKCD15, Talkin' Loud ‎– 868 993-2

Another strong release from the YD's whom I have well and truly bigged up in prior posts, so I'll get right into the tracks themselves.

There are two versions of Get Yourself Together, one of their very best tracks, both with radically different intros. I can't really pick which one I prefer so I have both in my playlist and listen to whatever pops up. Hey, it works for me.

However, the real treat here is Step Right On, which is one of my favourite tracks on The Road To Freedom. On the album it's called Step Right On (Dub), but is really an instrumental. The two mixes here have a full vocal courtesy of Outlaw Posse, strangely missing from the album - even the reissue with the extra tracks.

Anyway, look, it's a Young Disciples release so just go ahead and grab it. Quality is well and truly assured!

Peace & luvizm.


  1. Get Yourself Together (Album Edit)
  2. Get Yourself Together (Album Mix)
  3. Step Right On (Keep On Steppin')
  4. Step Right On (Original Mix)
Download: YD-GYT.7z | Filesize: 40.1MB

Young Disciples - Road To Freedom (reissue) - (1991/2006)

Talkin' Loud Classics ‎– 9840692



I mentioned in a previous that I don't normally do album posts on here but really this place feels kinda incomplete without this iconic release.

Where do you start when talking about a classic such as this? Words fail me when I try to sum up what this represented for many of us us here in the UK in the early '90s, especially if I want to do it justice. 

Marc Nelson and Femi Williams had been kickin' it for a while in 1990 before they were introduced to a certain Miss Carleen Anderson, true funk and soul royalty, being the daughter of James Brown Protege Vicky Anderson (Message From The Soul Sisters), who had relocated to London. A coming together of like minded folk somewhat akin to the stars aligning.

Now, I ain't much of a believer in fate and suchlike, but whatever universal chemistry led to this fortuitous meeting, I am eternally grateful. It birthed such amazing music as Get Yourself Together, As We Come To Be, Move On, the heartrendingly beautiful Freedom Suite and, of course, 
Apparently Nothin' - a song so perfect and era defining it really needs little said about it (although I do wax lyrical on my Apparently Nothin' CD single post). 

In addition to Carleen's angelic singing, Road To Freedom featured guest spots from the always dope Masta Ace from the US, with my man MC Mell'O and Outlaw Posse repping the UK. The list of musicians involved is even more impressive; Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Mick Talbot, Paul Weller (yeah, THE Paul Weller (the album was recorded at his own studio) of The Jam fame), Steve White, Max Beesley, and IG Culture from Dodge City Productions, who all feature.

No wonder it was so damn good!

While a sizeable chunk of the UK demographic were swept along on the crest of a glorious wave of bleepy, intense BPM breakbeat madness and rave culture, there was a parallel musical movement more urban, more soulful and informed by a hip hop sensibility that pulled us in a direction far more nourishing to the soul. It had been around for a while, spearheaded by artists like Loose Ends and Soul II Soul in the late 80s, with bands such as the Sindecut, The Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai and others following in the early 90s. The YDs were a huge part of that; really solidifying the urban cool identity of so many of us, and in a way, still defining us to this day.

So this is the 2006 reissue which contains 4 bonus tracks at the end. I wanted to put this up so you could get your hands on the Soul Pride Mix of Move On, which is easily one of their best, and really outstrips the original.

They only released the one album, which is a damn shame, but looking back on it, when you've dropped something so timeless and perfect... where would you go after that?

Peace and love x
  1. Get Yourself Together (Part 1 & 2) 
  2. Apparently Nothin' (Soul River) 
  3. Funky Yeh Funki 
  4. Talkin' What I Feel 
  5. All I Have (In Dub) 
  6. Move On 
  7. As We Come (To Be) 
  8. Step Right On (Dub) 
  9. Freedom Suite (Freedom, Wanting, To Be Free) 
  10. Young Disciples Theme 
  11. All I Have In Me (Young Ideas Mix) 
  12. Move On (Soul Pride Mix) 
  13. Apparently Nothin' (12" Mix) 
  14. All I Have In Me (Original Musiquarium Mix)

Download: YD-RTF.7z | Filesize: 175.256MB

Young Disciples - Apparently Nothin' (1991)

Talkin' Loud, TLKCD 5

Now re-upped in 320.

An anonymous person requested Apparently Nothin’ in the comments section of the Young Disciples EP/Move On EP, and I felt moved to oblige.

To be fair, I can’t believe this track isn’t on here already, it’s such an undeniable, bona-fide, classic, and it’s the sort of track that should be on first, before any other tracks are added, kinda thing - it really is that big a tune.


You all know this song. It was the gem in the crown of the UK urban music scene in the 90s. A modern day funk masterpiece, no less. I’d even go so far as to say it is arguably one of the finest slices of music to ever come out of the UK (then again, the YD’s are one of my all-time fave bands, so I’m kinda biased). It was covered by the Brand New Heavies (I have their version laying around somewhere if anyone is curious), but it plain wasn't as good as this original release. There really isn't much to say about this song that you won't already know, I guess.

This CD single contains no real surprises - there's the version we all know and love, as well as a shortened Radio Edit, and an Instrumental version (yay!). There's also the Soul River version, which appears on the album, which has that wicked Rhodes/wah-wah opening.

Ladies and gentlemen, Soul Vendor is proud to present the mighty Young Disciples, Apparently Nothin’.

That is all. ;)

Kymba x


  1. Apparently Nothin’ (Edit) 
  2. Apparently Nothin’ 
  3. Apparently Nothin’ (Soul River Mix) 
  4. Apparently Nothin’ (Instrumental) 
Download: YD-AN.7z | Filesize: 43.3MB