Monday, 10 November 2008

Courtney Buchanan - R U Conscious 1993

Conscious Records MCSTD 1792

Courtney Buchanan gained critical acclaim with his single release Life With You in '92. His second single release 'R U Conscious - The Chapters' (CON 14) was licensed from Conscious Records by MCA a scored a minor hit in 1993.

The CD single release features the additional Hip Hop Edit and the Final Chapter (Instrumental). Buchanan was hot property in '93 and Soul II Soul's Daddae Harvey is involved on the remixes. His Soul Mix: The Final Chapter was always the one that got the drop back in the day. Listening now, I think the Album Version is the better mix.

In 1994 he dropped a stunning release called Heaven which I never got my hands on. It's supposedly taken from an album called 'Kingdom Come' but I've never come across either.

  • Chapter One (Hip Hop Edit)
  • Chapter One (Full Hip Hop Mix)
  • Chapter Two (Ragga Mix)
  • Chapter Three (Album Version)
  • Chapter Four (Soul Mix)
  • Final Chapter (Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Courtney Buchanan.rar Filesize: 41.52 MB


  1. Like that man used to say on the tv advert...

    what a tune m8 , great to see u back..

  2. Thanks Buddy, you're my man !!!

  3. I was gonna request this as well - another nigh-on impossible to find masterpiece.

    Mickey, you are truly "Da Man" :)

    Kymba x

  4. Watch my chest puff out, almost as far my my belt buckle!

    Thanks a lot Kymba. ;-)

  5. My pleasure, mister.

    For the record, it was always the "Full Hiphop Mix" that did it for me!

    Oh, Mr P, I was having some trouble downloading "Groove On" by YoYo honey - the download stalls on the rare occaision I can get it going - any chance of re-upping it? Hate to be a pain.

    All the best!

    Kymba x

  6. Job done Kymba ;-)

  7. Oh wow, ta Mickey!

    Now that's what I call service. :)

    Kymba :)


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