Friday, 28 November 2008

Nu Colours - Power 1992

Wild Card Records CARDD 3

Nu Colours were the gospel group and looked likely to make a cross over into the mainstream. The Gospel group comprising Lain Gray (Lain provided some great vocals for Jason Chue a.k.a. Wookie on 'Battle' amongst many others), Lawrence Johnson, Sophia Johnson, Patricia Knight and the legendary Fay Simpson.

Fay is one of the most experienced singers on the UK gospel scene. She honed her craft growing up in the Church of God of Prophecy in Harlesden, north west London, and at 19 joined Nu Colours, who had a deal with a secular label. She left the group in 1995 and began song writing and vocal arranging.

After singing on the UK gospel circuit, Lain Gray was asked to join premier gospel outfit Nu Colours in 1991, Lawrence Johnson, founder member of the group, was calling Lain for auditions saying he was putting some band together. Later he said, 'Oh, in case you don't get this, would you be interested in being involved with Nu Colours?'

is written by producer Ian Green and group vocalists Lawrence Johnson & Fay Simpson with Monie Love writing and performing the rap. The Evergreen Mix is the Ian Green single release while the Garage Mix and Underground Dub are remixed by Paul Gotel, the dub is a Well Hung Parliament mix along with his sidekick, Spencer Williams.

Tears is the Frankie Knuckles Instrumental which is somewhat odd as it was originally a Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie song and without Nu Colours vocals it still is, even though its produced by V Outfit.

  • Power (Evergreen Mix)
  • Power (Garage Mix)
  • Tears (FK Instrumental)
  • Power (Underground Dub)
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  1. Nu Colours... *sigh* that takes me back. Not their greatest moment ths one, I feel. "Desire" was better, and by far the nicest song of theirs was "Greater Love". I used to have the CD single of "Greater Love", but lost it when I got burglarised back in the mid 90s. Have you got a copy you could put up, Mr P?

  2. I'm still looking for it Kymba, Greater Love (Ethnic Boyz Mix) and Desire (Linslee Mix), both quality tunes. i can't remember whether they were CD's or 12"s but I do have them somewhere?

  3. I had both on CD - I still have Desire, but Greater love, their finest moment in my humble opinion, got taken :( - I can send you rips of the Desire CD single if you like? Like you, the Linslee mix was the one for me there. I've also got their album on CD if you'd like that?

    Oh, also, I made mention of it elsewhere, but if you'd like any Young Disciples, I have their YD's EP (containing the Move On mixes (the Soul Pride mix is much better than the album version), the Apparently Nothin' CD single and the Road to Freedom album on CD - I can send you any of the above if you'd like it on here? I was considering starting my own blog uploading classic tunes (inspired by you), but I think it might be best just to send them to you, so we can have all that era's soul/urban music all in one place!

    Have I mentioned I'm lovin' your work yet?

  4. WAOUW....What a sound, what a groooove...yeahhhhh Voices and instru are great and "POWER" is the right title for this song...a real BOMB ! I searched this one since a long time...THANK you man !

  5. I'm looking for their remix of Falling Down. I have both of their albums and most of the singles. Fay Simpson's vocals is awesome.
    If anyone has it, my email is I think the mixes are from Paul Gotel & Well Hung Parliament. Thanks.



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