Thursday, 29 May 2008

Noel McKoy - Baby Mother, Baby Father 1995

Right Track Records RT 004

A couple of years after the splendid McKoy album, Full Circle, Noel McKoy released this solo work under his full name. It's still Right Track Records, still Hit & Run Music but Noel's name seems to be the only one involved.

As for the mixes, head straight for the B-Side and make your choice. Longsy D knocks up a soulfull shuffler but for me, KG's Naughty Boy mix with it's Doug E. Fresh sample works well and probably gets more plays.

  • Solo Funk Mix
  • Take Heed Club Mix
  • Longsy D's Father Mix
  • KG's Naughty Boy Mix
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Filename: Noel McKoy 1995.rar Filesize: 28.09 MB

T-Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning 1994

FFRR Records FCD 232

This superb update of the Thelma Houston classic hit in 1994 and tore up dancefloors everywhere. Loretta Johnson handles the vocals with confidence and the whole thing sounds very authentic. I still love the original but this works well too.

  • T-Empo Radio Edit
  • T-Empo Mix
  • Madhatters R&B Mix
  • Matthew Roberts Mix
  • Scat-A-Day Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: T Empo 94.rar Filesize: 46.02 MB

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Massivo - Take My Hand 1991

Debut Records DEBTX 3135

Produced by Jon Jules, Darren Pearce (Gems For Jem) & Steve McCutcheon (Undercover), engineered by Chris Laws and recorded at Skratch Studios, Chertsey. This Orr-Some production slipped into the dancefloor in 1991 with a wonderful uncredited male vocal.

On the flip is the Tracey Moore delivery of Lovin' You (Minnie Ripperton) remixed by DMC's Steve (Brothers In Rhythm) Anderson again. Not my cup of tea but it ain't a bad effort.

  • Take My Hand (Subiaco Mix)
  • Lovin' You (Summer Breeze Mix)
  • Take My Hand (Claremont Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Massivo.rar Filesize: 29.59 MB

Mary Pearce - Legacy 1992

E.C.1 Records RNG001

A double header promo from Mary Pearce, produced by The Dark Knight himself, Tee Agbetu with a little help from Deluxe.

  • Legacy
  • Don't Break My Heart
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Mary Pearce.rar Filesize: 15.57 MB

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Various Artists - The Cerrone Productions: The Best Of Disco 1980

Malligator Records 773 808

Back in 1977 when I got my driving licence, that was when I started my real clubbing era. My friends and I would travel to Canvey & Southend to vist the Bardots, Goldmine or the Zero 6. The Zero was really cool coz it had it's own record shop in the foyer. It used to sell all the latest imports which were very difficult to find back then. When Don Ray released Got To Have Loving I thought it was the best song ever (Hey, it was disco peaktime in '78!) and I bought a copy there and then, along with a couple of other 12"s (about 99p each, if I recall correctly). My mate Dave bought the album Garden Of Love and next day I was over his house listening to it.

The next week I tried to buy a copy but it was gone. I never did get a copy but I did get some of the tracks on vinyl. This album has Standing In The Rain which was one of my 'most wanted' tracks for many years. I've added a couple more to my CD version of the album and they're included.

The album has no year on it but it seems to be 1979, the tracks are all Cerrone productions and mostly French. Although it is called the Best of Disco there are some great tunes here, some strange ones too. Check out the oh-so-not-politically-correct Don't Refuse Me. Pado sings a love ballad, is that soulful. Hmmmm?

  • Kongas: Africanism-Gimme Some Loving
  • Pado & Co: Let's Have A Party
  • Don Ray: Standing In The Rain
  • Don Ray: Got To Have Loving
  • Kongas: Tattoo Woman
  • Revelacion: Crocos Dance
  • Revelacion: The House Of The Rising Sun-Revelacion Suite
  • Pado & Co: Don't Refuse Me
  • Cristal: La Nuit Pour Nous
  • B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine: Generique
  • Max Berlin's: Dream Disco
  • Five Letters: Disco Radio
  • B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine: Phonic
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Cerrone.rar Filesize: 115.33 MB

Souled Out - In My Life 1992

Columbia Records 657836 2

1991 introduced those of us fortunate enough to be in the right place, to the wonderful vocals of Sarah Warwick singing Shine On for Souled Out. The following spring this beauty dropped and although our Sarah isn't credited, I've always assumed that she's singing In My Life too. The collective known as Souled Out (a.k.a. Sold Out) comprised of Alessandro Sommella, Domenico "GG" Canu, Ricky Rinaldi and Sergio Della Monica. You may be familiar with some of their later work on the global clubland dancefloors. Hondy (No Access) and the mighty Planetfunk (Chase The Sun) being the most well known to me.

The version of Shine On included here is a club mix by Joey Negro (a.k.a. Dave Lee) and although it's a credible club mix, the Andalucian Mix on my 12" is far superior IMHO. I'll post it when I come across it. Souled Out released an album 'Shine On' in 1992 which I have never been able to find.
"Produced for S.O. Productions. Special versions taken from the CD/MC/LP, "Shine On" LC 0162 MCPS/BIEM/STEMRA

1, 2, 3, ℗ 1992; 4, ℗ 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Italy (SPA) © 1992 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) LTD."

  • In My Life (7" Remix)
  • In My Life (12" Remix)
  • In My Life (Dub Mix)
  • Shine On (Joey Negro 12" Mix)
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Filename: Souled Out 1992.rar Filesize: 36.17 MB

Monday, 26 May 2008

Sybil - Let Yourself Go 1987

Champion Records CHAMP 12-42

This is Sybil Lynch, the Sybil that done When I'm Good And Ready, etc. a few years later. This was the second release, of note, by Sybil and I actually bought this because it had a remix of her first release on the flip. Falling In Love was a great tune that I could not get hold of until Let Yourself Go arrived. As it turned out, I liked this even more. Hard to believe she went on to do all that cheesey dance fodder?

I could be rash here and say these James Bratton produced 'Next Plateau' recordings were the forebears to the original vocal house tunes, Chicago Jack Traxx had no soul. Of course, opinions are like arseholes, everybody's got one and, I 'm probably talkin' out of mine. Salsoul had already been there and done all that?

No, I never did get the original Falling In Love 12", sorry.

  • Let Yourself Go (Club Mix)
  • Let Yourself Go (Paradise Mix)
  • Falling In Love (Remix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Sybil 1987.rar Filesize: 37.6 MB

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sybil Thomas - Rescue Me 1983

West End Records WEND 124

This is a gorgeous song that never fails to pull me in. If the vocal reminds you of Raw Silk then it's no surprise. Sybil Thomas was the vocalist for Raw Silk (remember Do It To The Music, how manyy times has that acc. been sampled?) and should not be confused with the other artists called simply Sybil, she is another artist altogether. You will also hear her voice all over Luther's 'Never Too Much' album.

So we have a great voice on this excellent song, we also have a great producer though. The great Nick Martinelli teams up with David Todd on this Watchout Production, to bring us a tune that sounds as good today as it did 25 years ago.

  • Rescue Me (Vocal)
  • Rescue Me (Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Sybil Thomas.rar Filesize: 22.39 MB

Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Limit - Say Yeah 1984

Portrait TA 4808

I got sloppy for a couple of years (83/4) while I was loved up, engaged, married and becoming a home-owner (not reccomended) and missed the arrival of this beautiful platter. I was in Rhodes a few years later and made a lot of friends because the sounds comin' from my poolside ghettoblaster were agreeable. Shortly after, we took over the sound system in the bar and a great holiday was had by all. During that time I was asked if I had heard this track and also The System - You're In My System which I'll put up as soon as I find it. I hadn't?

The 12" release is a remix by John Luongo and since I've not heard the album version I don't know how different it is but I do know that this version is awesome. The lead vocal is handled by a very competent Rob Van Shaik who is ably supported by a featured guest vocalist, Gwen Guthrie. All in all, a very worthy acquisition, I got my education.

  • Say Yeah
  • Say Yeah (Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: The Limit.rar Filesize: 24.01 MB

Homegrown Volume 1 1993

Kongo Dance KDCD6

Featuring tracks from Omar, Victor Haynes, Vanessa Simon, Damel Carayol, F.B.I., Good Time Band & Unfinished Business.

  • Do You Mind
  • Little Boy
  • Heaven
  • Simple To See
  • F.B.I.
  • It's Only Good For A While
  • Good Feeling
  • Two Hearts
  • Bad Deal
  • You Can Fly
  • Dangerous*
  • Unfinished Business*
"...Streetsoul or Urban Jazz is uniquely a British phenomenon..."

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Homegrown Vol.1.rar Filesize: 71.01 MB

*2 bonus tracks that were not available on the low volume vinyl pressing.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Marley Marl - The Symphony Part II 1991

Cold Chillin' 9 40167-2

I'm not intending to post a lot of proper rap but this needs to be available. Back when it hit, it took me ages to find out what it was called and who it was by coz a guy I worked with put it on a mixtape for me. Props to Gary, I ain't forgotten.

Extra Crispy is the way to go, featuring Master Ace, Craig G (I believe that's me..) Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & Lil' Daddy Shane. You know you need this!

  • Crispy Version
  • Original Recipe
  • D.J. Delight
  • Instrumental
  • Extra Crispy
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Marley Marl 1991.rar Filesize: 32.57 MB

Leroy Hutson - Shades Of Love E.P. 1992

Expansion Records EXPAND 24

An interesting release on Expansion Records from Mr Hutson. I guess Leroy had love on his mind. I must admit, sad bugger that I am, I prefer The Look Of Love by Dusty Springfield but Leroy is in fine fettle on these Love linked recordings. Nice Sax by Kenny Anderson on the instrumental, don't make the mistake of ignoring it.

  • Share Your Love
  • The Look Of Love
  • Show Your Love
  • Share Your Love (Sax Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Leroy Hutson - EXPAND 24.rar Filesize: 27.49 MB