Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Various Artists - The Cerrone Productions: The Best Of Disco 1980

Malligator Records 773 808

Back in 1977 when I got my driving licence, that was when I started my real clubbing era. My friends and I would travel to Canvey & Southend to vist the Bardots, Goldmine or the Zero 6. The Zero was really cool coz it had it's own record shop in the foyer. It used to sell all the latest imports which were very difficult to find back then. When Don Ray released Got To Have Loving I thought it was the best song ever (Hey, it was disco peaktime in '78!) and I bought a copy there and then, along with a couple of other 12"s (about 99p each, if I recall correctly). My mate Dave bought the album Garden Of Love and next day I was over his house listening to it.

The next week I tried to buy a copy but it was gone. I never did get a copy but I did get some of the tracks on vinyl. This album has Standing In The Rain which was one of my 'most wanted' tracks for many years. I've added a couple more to my CD version of the album and they're included.

The album has no year on it but it seems to be 1979, the tracks are all Cerrone productions and mostly French. Although it is called the Best of Disco there are some great tunes here, some strange ones too. Check out the oh-so-not-politically-correct Don't Refuse Me. Pado sings a love ballad, is that soulful. Hmmmm?

  • Kongas: Africanism-Gimme Some Loving
  • Pado & Co: Let's Have A Party
  • Don Ray: Standing In The Rain
  • Don Ray: Got To Have Loving
  • Kongas: Tattoo Woman
  • Revelacion: Crocos Dance
  • Revelacion: The House Of The Rising Sun-Revelacion Suite
  • Pado & Co: Don't Refuse Me
  • Cristal: La Nuit Pour Nous
  • B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine: Generique
  • Max Berlin's: Dream Disco
  • Five Letters: Disco Radio
  • B.O.F. Brigade Mondaine: Phonic
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Thanks so much dude,
    I've been looking for this vintage unique stuff for ages,
    I was blown away to find it here,thanks so much.
    I just love it!
    I bought it back then when it came out but it soon dissapeared from the market and became super rare.

    Thanks a bunch


  2. this link is dead. great blog with wonderful UK stuff!!

  3. New Link

    Mick ;-)


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