Monday, 5 May 2008

Misty Oldland - Got Me A Feeling 1993

XPCD 316

Produced, written and music by the talented Michele Oldland with additional production by Maxton 'Gig' Beesley Jnr. & Jeremy Meehan (Max Beesley's High Vibes) Jo Dworniak (I-Level) & Glen Nightingale (Jamiroquai, Gap Band, etc.).

Also featured are the uncredited vocals of Omar Lye Fook of 'There's Nothing Like This' fame and doesn't it show. The floaty, atmospheric, jazzy vibe and Misty's vocals, all kind of sensuous in a somewhat, ethereal way.

How bloody silly of me to peel the contact label off the back.
Where did she go, where's the album?

  • 7" Version
  • 12" Version: Misty's Magic Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: XPCD 316.rar Size: 14.48 MB


  1. I have the album if you want it -

  2. Very interested Phuzzy, I've been looking for it for some time? ;-)

  3. Fantastic! never thought I would hear/get this again.



  4. Respect dude.....killah track, where on God's green earth has this type of music gone to? Gotta dig deep for it nowadays.



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