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Raw Stylus - Change (1996)

M&G Recordings WIRED 228

Raw Stylus kicked off in London, a funk/soul/jazz outfit featuring Donna Gardier, Jules Brookes and Ron Aslan. Dominic 'Ski' Oakenfull was also in the band for a time. after leaving K-Creative. Donna Gardier replaced Deborah French who left in 1993. Originally, Raw Stylus released white label vinyl records into the London club scene in the early 90's. 1992's Pushing Against the Flow was a popular underground song and later became the title track of their album. Other singles from the same period were Bright Lights, Big Cities (White Label), Many Ways (Mo' Wax) and Use Me (Acid Jazz).

The album was recorded Stateside with Steely Dan producer Gary Katz and an array of musical talent including cameos from Donald Fagen, Bernard Purdie and the cream of New York and London Acid Jazz. The group toured as a nine piece until they split at the end of 1999. Head for Paul Waller's Mix and then search for the album.
Raw Stylus

  • Radio Edit
  • Album Version
  • Joey Negro Vocal
  • Paul Waller East Coast Mix
  • Bone Krusher Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Raw Stylus Change.ZIP
Filesize: 41.38 MB

Raw Stylus - Pushing Against The Flow (1996)

Wired Recordings WIRED 224

Raw Stylus was 'Class-A Sound System Soul'. Ron Aslan and Jules Brookes, released white label vinyl records into the funky London club scene which bloomed post Soul II Soul in the early 90's. The best known Raw Stylus track this side of the pond, would be Pushing Against The Flow which was originally spread about on white label, as early as 1992. At that time Debbie Ffrench was on vocal duty. When the band travelled to the US, to record with Gary Katz, Donna Gardier had replaced her. I assume the 1995 versions have retained the Ffrench vocal.
Pushing... was a big underground tune and eventually became the title track of the album. Giles Petersen named it his track of the year and Paul Weller (Jam, Style Council) claimed it 'should have been a No.1 record' in The Face. Other early singles were: Bright Lights, Big cities (White Label), Many Ways (Mo' Wax) & Use Me (Acid Jazz).

A plethora of very healthy mixes to suit almost any occassion, bloody aggravating isn't it. Dave Lee, in his Joey Negro alter-ego. turns out another disco house happy clapper in a very Jamiroquai sort of style. Alvin Speight slows things down to a swagger for a soulful funk, gate that snare baby. Yes Tosh, the Frankie Foncett Funk 12" is a superb R'n'B grind with a gangsta lean, I love the dialogue on the intro. A funky groove but ruff with what sounds like a goose punctuating every line? Personally, I still favour the Raw Stylus mixes, the Original White Label just taking the prize. The Raw Stylus Dark Mix is, without doubt, a killa groove! Sliding in with an accapella intro, it drops with a noise that sounds like a jet about to take off just prior to the baddest bass line knocks the cobwebs outta your woofers. You know when you been tango'ed! ;-)

Kymba says: I'm just updating the DL link from the now dead MegaUpload service to MediaFire, and I couldn't resist adding my own two cents to the mix, considering how much I adore this track. The Frankie Foncett mixes are hot, and Mickey's "Goose" is a distorted lo-fi horn stab - it's basically a sampling, or recreation, of Craig Mack's Flava In Your Ear. That's my third favourite mix. Second fave is the very bad ass indeed Raw Stylus Dark Mix, but nothing beats the Original White Label Version for this girl - and that includes every single track on the remixes CD of this which I will be posting on here very soon.

PS - The Joey Negro versions are pretty good if house is your thang. I prefer a more funk/soul vibe myself. Is that a recreation of Diana Ross's anthem Love Hangover bassline I spy though?

  • 7" Edit
  • Raw Stylus Dark Mix
  • Original White Label
  • Joey Negro Extended Mix
  • Alvin Speights Main 12" Mix
  • Fronkie Foncett Funk 12"
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Raw Stylus Pushing.ZIP  Filesize: 62.1 MB

M-Beat featuring Jamiroquai - Do U Know Where You're Coming From (1996)

Renk Records, CDRENK63

I dug this one out especially for Mickey, whom I know is something of a Jamiroquai fan.

Back in 1996, seemingly from out of nowhere, a weird collaboration happened. M-Beat (a guy best known for the jungle track Incredible with General Levy) made a funky slice of Drum & Bass with perennial Acid jazz faves Jamiroquai.

Like I said, weird.

However, the results were most definitely not weird. Anything but, in fact. The combination of D&B tempo drums and 70’s funk permeating this track (you’ve got to love those wah-wah guitars) work very well indeed alongside Jay Kay's always catchy vocals, giving Jamiroquai one of their punchier, funkier moments. This is proper future funk.

There are several versions, with not a great deal to pick from between them, but I always err on the side of the Extended Mix, which kicks some serious bootie (and has more wah-wah's and vibes).

Essential stuff!

An edit of this track made its way onto certain editions of the Travelling Without Moving CD as an unheralded bonus track.

PS - Stop the press... I've just added a second DL link containing the vinyl only Jumping Jack Frost remix, which is highly chilled full D&B version. Well worth adding to your collection.

  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Original Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Touch Of Horn Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Extended Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Full Horns Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Intelligent Groove Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Dextrous Remix)

The Download Link is here: Do U Know Where You're Coming

Filename: Do U Know Where You're Coming File size: 37.5 MB

Don't forget to download the Jumping Jack Frost Remix as well.

Triviality: The tracklisting differs slightly between the back of the inlay card (displayed above, and which I've included in the .ZIP file), and the folded "lip" part of the inlay card. Have a look and see what I mean. I've gone with the ones listed above, but you might want to amend the track names if you feel I should have gone for the others.

Raw Stylus - Believe In Me (1995)

Wired Recordings WIRED 220

Raw Stylus recorded an album in the US on Geffen Records who insisted that Steely Dan producer Gary Katz got involved. The music became more live orientated and they turned out a great, timeless but not particularly commercial album. It is filled with musical talent like Bernard Purdie, Donald Fagen, Randy Brecker as well as many cool players from the 90's London and New York Acid Jazz scenes. This US Billboard No.1 single, Believe In Me came off that album. They were signed to Geffen in the US who were busy promoting Beck and Wu-Tang Clan and didn't really take much notice of them.

The Album Version is still my favourite but check out the Antonio Fargasm Mix, eight minutes of R'n'B grind, waaaay cool! For the house heads, E-Smoove on the Essence Mix and Eric Kupper on the 12" Groove but none of them equal the Album Version. I'd be very interested in hearing the Kupper Old Skool & Vision Lorimer remixes if anyone has them?

  • Radio Edit
  • Essence Mix
  • 12" Grrove
  • Flava Mix
  • Antonio Fargasm Mix
  • Lion's Roar Mix
  • Album Version
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Raw Stylus Believe.rar Filesize: 54.94 MB

Maxwell - Til The Cops Come Knockin' (Uncut) - (1996)

Columbia Records 663179 5

Maxwell crept onto the scene in his own classic laid back manner. Looking like a retro 70's throwback, he unleashed the mighty Maxwell's Hang Suite album from whence the title track is taken, and in the coolest ever way, became an overnight legend. Anybody that likes soulful music knows about Maxwell.

The concept album kicked off with an intro track. An instrumental funky ass jam that (brought to my mind, Marvin Gaye) clocked in under three minutes. I wanted more, it was an excellent piece of mood music. The album features track after track of Quiet Storm boots knockin' joints, none of which disappoint, most of which deserve much praise but... I love that instrumental jam!

Imagine how happy I was when this CDS came out then. The Urban Theme (Unfaded), four minutes and fifty seconds of urban bliss. Yes, that is vinyl fizz you can hear and yes, this is a CD rip. I tol' you, the guy is a 70's throwback and his music reflects that, oh so well. Enjoy!

  • ...Til The Cops Come Knockin' (Uncut)
  • ...Til The Cops Come Knockin' (Unsung)
  • The Urban Theme (Unfaded)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Maxwell CDS.rar Filesize: 24.96 MB

Blacknuss - It Should Have Been You (1995)

Sidestep Records SSRCD4

When you think of Soul Music, Sweden isn't the first country that comes to mind, even now two decades after The Scadinavian Invasion. Martin Jonsson and Conny C. Lindström started the Stockholm Jazz Club 'Fasching' and together with (producer, composer and artist) Christian Falk (Make It Right) formed the rhythm section core of the club house-band. When they took Blacknuss to record, they took the club regulars. Mattias Torell (Eagle-Eye Cherry), Malando Gassama, Desmond Foster, David Nyström, Pierre Swärd, Esbjörn Svensson, Goran Kajfes and Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson. To top that, they invited great vocalists such as Titiyo (After The Rain & Flowers, related to Neneh Cherry), Robyn (Show Me Love, not the new one) , Jennifer Brown, Lisa Nilsson, Stephen Simmonds, ADL, SwingFly, Dilba, Viktoria Tolstoy and André De Lang.

Check out their albums; Made in Sweden, Blacknuss Allstars & Blacknuss 3. Ever changing, Blacknuss give the artists and musicians free reign and the collective have moved from jazz oriented dance music to modern r’n’b making all stops in between. Covers of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Rising To The Top and It Should Have Been You have been mixed with their own material and sound. They're one of Swedens best live bands, and they have won Swedish Grammis for Best Modern Dance. Blacknuss, The Soul Of Sweden.

Here, It Should Have Been You is remixed superbly by Cutfather & Joe, Absolute (my fav) and K'n'M but personally, I wouldn't bother inflicting the last two mixes upon your sensitive ears unless you have a yen for ravey house music?

  • Cutfather & Joe Radio Edit
  • K'n'M Mix
  • Absolute Remix
  • Metamorphosis Mix
  • Finest Dub Groove
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Blacknuss.rar Filesize: 38.91 MB

Nu Colours - What In The World / Greater Love - (1993)

Polydor/Wildcard, CARDD 4

I'm going to start this off with a complaint:


It's got classic stamped all over it, and, if only it had been supported and marketed it could well have made a decent splash on the pop charts, and seen the band get a bit more recognition than they did. It's an incredibly strong song, it's got beautifully sung vocals, and a nice, slinky, urban groove to it courtesy of producers par excellence Ethnic Boyz.

I honestly believe this is one of the UK's finest soul moments.

Not that there's anything wrong with the main track, What In the World. It's a really good guitar driven piece of soul, produced by a certain Robert Howard. I'm guessing it's the same Robert Howard (or "Dr. Robert") from The Blow Monkeys fame. Can anyone confirm? (edit: it IS Dr Robert - thanks, Frank!!) I always loved Wait his duet with my namesake, Kym Mazelle.

There's a third track (fourth, if you count the Greater Love Remix - more on that in a moment) called Want Your Love 2 B Mine, which is a perfectly decent backup track, but with such a good main track in What In The World, and an even better one as the "B-Side", if you will, in the shape of Greater Love, it's easily forgotten.

As mentioned, there's also an Ethnic Boyz remix of Greater Love, which is odd really, as they produced the original version, and it's fairly similar, just a touch more dubby. I prefer the original, but it's nice to have for completions sake.

So there you have it, one of my all-time favourite tracks, as a bloody B-Side! Amazing.

- Kymba :)
  • What In the World
  • Greater Love
  • Greater Love (Ethnic Boyz Remix)
  • Want Your Love 2 B Mine

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: What In The File size: 25.1 MB (updated and now at 192kbps)

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Courtney Buchanan - R U Conscious (1993)

Conscious Records MCSTD 1792

Remember when London's KISS 100FM was good? Yeah, me too. I guess part of it was its move from pirate radio station to fully fledged commercial station coincided with a real boom in quality UK soul, hiphop and dance music. Anyway, back in the day, they used to cane this one track that got right under my skin. That track was the Hip Hop version of R U Conscious by Courtney Buchanan.

Whatever the reason, I failed to pick it up on its release, and then I couldn't get it anywhere. Cue The Man posting it on Soul Vendor, and Kymba is made very happy. Nice one, Mickey!

Anyway, it's still all about the Hip Hop Mix for me, but Mick disagrees.

As always, These are high quality audio rips, and high res artwork scans are included in the .ZIP file.

Here's what the man himself had to say in his original post:

Courtney Buchanan gained critical acclaim with his single release Life With You in '92. His second single release 'R U Conscious - The Chapters' (CON 14) was licensed from Conscious Records by MCA a scored a minor hit in 1993. 
The CD single release features the additional Hip Hop Edit and the Final Chapter (Instrumental). Buchanan was hot property in '93 and Soul II Soul's Daddae Harvey is involved on the remixes. His Soul Mix: The Final Chapter was always the one that got the drop back in the day. Listening now, I think the Album Version is the better mix.
In 1994 he dropped a stunning release called Heaven which I never got my hands on. It's supposedly taken from an album called 'Kingdom Come' but I've never come across either.

  • Chapter One (Hip Hop Edit)
  • Chapter One (Full Hip Hop Mix)
  • Chapter Two (Ragga Mix)
  • Chapter Three (Album Version)
  • Chapter Four (Soul Mix)
  • Final Chapter (Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Download Filename: R U Concious (Single).zip Filesize: 40.76MB

Guy - D-O-G Me Out Mixes (1991) US Maxi Single

MCA Records/Uptown Records MCADS 54151

I make no secret of the fact I Love Teddy Riley and Guy.

Formed in Harlem back in 1988 By Riley and close friend Timmy Gatling, and joined shortly thereafter by Charlie Wilson sound-a-like lead vocalist Aaron "Nasty Man" Hall, Guy's first, self-titled album was a huge hit state-side and went triple platinum. The line-up would change shortly after when Gatling left and dancer Damian "Crazy Legs" Hall filled in the gap.

When they dropped their second album, The Future, in 1990 it flipped my head it was so good. There were a rash of killer singles released including "Her", "Do Me Right", "Teddy's Jam 2", "Wanna Get With You", "Let's Chill", "D.O.G. Me Out" and "Let's Stay Together". (I'll be posting some of these over the next few weeks.)

Back in the day I had a VHS tape of some of Guy's videos which came out on the back of The Future's success. The video for D.O.G Me Out contained a version of the track that wasn't on the album or even any of the the CD Singles that got released in the UK. It had the funk cranked way up to eleven, had a slammin' beat and featured Aqil "A+" Davidson from Wrecks-N-Effect dropping a dope verse - anyway, after a lot of searching in vain on my part (these were the days before the internet) I managed to track it down when it finally got released UK side on Mastercuts New Jack Swing Vol.3.

Here's that very video:

It's superior in every way to all the other mixes, and is, of course, the Single Edit with Rap, which is a shortened version of the Wrecks-N-Effect Rap mix, contained here along with an Instrumental. Also on the single is a slightly different edit of the album track (Single Edit), an extended version of the album track in the Canine Club Mix, as well as the Dogapella, which might come in useful for your own mixes. There's also a "Dub" Mix by Mike Nice.

All in all, it's a really nice release, and a little reminder of just how dope Teddy & Guy were in their prime. Not that we should need a reminder.

Note: I think the track should actually be named D.O.G Me Out rather than D-O-G Me Out, but I've gone with what's on the CD single. Plus using full stops/periods can mess up windows file extensions. 

As usual these are high quality rips (320KBPS), with high def artwork scans. Enjoy.

  • D-O-G Me Out (Single Edit)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Single Edit With Rap)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Canine Club Version)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Wrecks N Effect Rap)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Dogapella)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Wrecks N Effectsrumental)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Mike Nice Dub Mix)
The Download Link is here: D-O-G Me Filesize: 55MB

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Mica Paris - Young Soul Rebels 1991

Big Life BLR D 57

Mickey P says: A great song from Mica that was the theme from a UK movie of the same name. Not the best movie in the world but hey, thanks for the soundtrack? Along with Mica's B-sides, this was another gem that didn't make it onto an album?

Kymba says: Man, I love Mica's work. She can do no wrong for me. This release is a great example of that. My memory fails me where the sample for the main tune comes from, it's the same one used for Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam's excellent 'Let The Beat Hit 'Em' (which I will be posting on here in the next couple of weeks), and, I suspect, Main Source's sublime 'Looking At The Front Door'. Correct me if I've gotten things wrong, and feel free to show off your knowledge by letting me know exactly where it comes from. I've got a feeling I'll be kicking myself afterwards!

  • Edit
  • Original Version
  • Remix

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Mica Paris - Young Soul Rebels (CDS).rar Filesize: 18.22 MB

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Fierce II Bonus 12" 1988

Cooltempo Records FCTLP-5

I got some more great 12"'s coming very soon but today, here's a quickie. This promo 12" came with the compilation, Fierce II, (the sequel to Fierce, of course) which contained all the hottest dance tracks. It sports a nice, unnecessary remix of I Know You Got Soul.

The Derek On Eric Remix, is created by South London's Derek B, who was a DJ on LWR 92.5 (my favourite local pirate) and also became a rap artist, releasing a reasonably credible album. Derek Boland produced a few remixes a couple of which you'll find on this blog.

This remix uses an interpolation of Stevie Wonder - Superstition but it's not a straight sample. Lots of classic 'Battlewax' samples thrown in (I think he used the same vinyl as Coldcut on Paid In Full) and it works.

Personally, I thought Tyka Nelson sucked. The chorus ain't too bad but by the time you've reached it.... you don't really give a damn?

  • Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul (The Derek On Eric Remix)
  • Tyka Nelson - This Girl's Gonna Fall In Love
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Fierce II.rar Filesize: 21.16 MB

Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (Promo) 1987

4th & Broadway 12 BRX 78

In 1987 when Eric B & Rakim could do no wrong, Coldcut was called upon to remix Paid In Full. Seven Minutes Of Madness turned out to be the most popular mix that year, from the dance-floor point of view at least. It was, quite deservedly, played to death! Eric B was not a happy man though, even though it must have doubled, if not quadrupled the sales of his album. He hated that remix, suggesting that Ofra Haza's Hebrew vocal sample from "Im Nin'Alu" could have been saying "Fuck You" for all we knew. The thing that probably irked him most was that he had no say about the remix and its release.

The real shame was that nobody else got a look in. This promo 12" (handed out at the DMC Convention if I remember rightly) is a remix created by South London's own Derek Boland. Boland had been a DJ on the pirate stations (LWR 92.5) for sometime where he created his own remixes for his show.
This remix of Paid In Full uses a nice sample from John 'Cougar' Mellancamp's - Jack & Diane and a chunk of Chuck Brown's - We Need Some Money. That's Rock Music and Go-Go in this Hip-Hop mix. It's a great version and it deserved more airplay. Try it, you'll like it.

  • Paid In Full (Derek B's Urban Respray)
  • Paid In Full (Album Mix)
  • Eric B Is On The Cut
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Eric B and Rakim.rar Filesize: 21.18 MB

Adé - Reach Out Your Love 1993

Profile Records PROFCD 402

A promo CD release that got a blinding review from Steve Hobbs in Blues & Soul magazine. His word was gospel as far as I was concerned and therefore, I was very pleased to find a copy. No packaging at all though so I've found some art which seems to suggest that it got an official release.

Engineered by Mike Bigwood at Eden Studios, this is Reach Out Your Love, written by A. Adefolalu (my money's on the artist) and performed by Adé, a man gifted with a voice that most can only wish for. It's criminal to find that he's only recorded a few songs of his own and none of them have recieved any exposure at all. Even more surprising is the news that he is probably more widely known for his vocal contribution on a couple of Shut Up & Dance album tracks?

A couple of good versions on here but forget the house mixes, the R&B 'Touch Da Soul' Mix is the only one you need really. The Adécapella is a joy to hear though?

  • Radio Edit
  • Jeckyls Joyful Mix
  • Adécapella
  • Marvellous Mix
  • R&B "Touch-Da-Soul" Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: PROFCD 402.rar ize: 31.23MB

Atmosfear - Invasion EP 1981

Elite Music DAZZ 8

The Invasion EP features a female vocal (uncredited) on an uncredited track.
The B-Side is cut into three tracks and although tracks 2 & 3 are joined together, track 2 seems to be a different track. A damn fine track, mind!
(Any info appreciated?)

  • Invasion
  • Alternative II
  • Interplay
  • Starburst (Reach Out To The Stars)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: DAZZ 8 Invasion EP 1981.rar Size: 43.43 MB

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Atmosfear - Motivation/Extract 1980

Elite Music DAZZ 2

Brand new Jazz Funk for 1980, hot on the heels of their success with Dancing In Outer Space, Atmosfear begin to release their work on the Elite Records label. DAZZ 1 is an Elite release for Dancing In Outer Space (originally on MCA) and DAZZ 2 is a double header....

Sure, it's not a great deal different from ...Space but that's no heartbreak?

  • Motivation
  • Extract
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: DAZZ 2 Motivation 1980.rar Size: 23.69 MB

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Lisa Stansfield - What Did I Do To You? EP 1990

Arista Records 613 168

A totally unnecessary but likable, David Morales remix for the Rochdale Lass but the great thing about this release was the 3 cracking, brand new Stansfield/Devaney/Morris tracks which, to my knowledge, never turned up anywhere else?

My favourite, A2 My Apple Heart... choon!

  • What Did I Do To You? (Morales Mix)
  • My Apple Heart
  • Lay Me Down
  • Something's Happenin'
The download link is: Download
Filename: What Did I Do To You_.rar Size: 25.38 MB