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Blacknuss - It Should Have Been You (1995)

Sidestep Records SSRCD4

When you think of Soul Music, Sweden isn't the first country that comes to mind, even now two decades after The Scadinavian Invasion. Martin Jonsson and Conny C. Lindström started the Stockholm Jazz Club 'Fasching' and together with (producer, composer and artist) Christian Falk (Make It Right) formed the rhythm section core of the club house-band. When they took Blacknuss to record, they took the club regulars. Mattias Torell (Eagle-Eye Cherry), Malando Gassama, Desmond Foster, David Nyström, Pierre Swärd, Esbjörn Svensson, Goran Kajfes and Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson. To top that, they invited great vocalists such as Titiyo (After The Rain & Flowers, related to Neneh Cherry), Robyn (Show Me Love, not the new one) , Jennifer Brown, Lisa Nilsson, Stephen Simmonds, ADL, SwingFly, Dilba, Viktoria Tolstoy and André De Lang.

Check out their albums; Made in Sweden, Blacknuss Allstars & Blacknuss 3. Ever changing, Blacknuss give the artists and musicians free reign and the collective have moved from jazz oriented dance music to modern r’n’b making all stops in between. Covers of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Rising To The Top and It Should Have Been You have been mixed with their own material and sound. They're one of Swedens best live bands, and they have won Swedish Grammis for Best Modern Dance. Blacknuss, The Soul Of Sweden.

Here, It Should Have Been You is remixed superbly by Cutfather & Joe, Absolute (my fav) and K'n'M but personally, I wouldn't bother inflicting the last two mixes upon your sensitive ears unless you have a yen for ravey house music?

  • Cutfather & Joe Radio Edit
  • K'n'M Mix
  • Absolute Remix
  • Metamorphosis Mix
  • Finest Dub Groove
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Swedish R&B forever, thanks Mickey P.

    Great post.

  2. Really nice cover isn't it.... Souvenir, souvenir .... Thanks for this record.

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  6. Mista Mosh, your requested track is now available for your listening pleasure. :)

  7. Also check out Stephen Simmonds. Dropped some decent albums in the 90's. Mickey its Frank Black here. Glad to see you are back mate. Hope you are well...

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