Friday, 6 April 2012

Be Be & Ce Ce Winans - Celebrate New Life 1989

Capitol Records 12 CL 551

This track from their Heaven album is remixed by Clivilles & Cole of C&C Music Factory fame. I liked a lot of their music and many of their remixes but, personally speaking, I think this one sucks.

However, the third track is an extended mix, by Jeff Balding, of the album title track. Heaven is one of my all time favourite soul tracks and this mix is simply more of the most gorgeous harmonies and sublime refrains.
You can't teach this, it's God-Given. The Heavenly Mix: It does exactly what it says on the can!

  • Celebrate New Life (Celebration Mix)
  • Celebrate New Life Milkyway Beats)
  • Heaven (Heavenly Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Winans - Celebrate New Life 12_.rar Filesize: 21.38 MB

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  1. Agreed completely... There is also a "Heavenly Dub!"


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