Monday, 15 July 2019

Tammy Payne - Do You Feel It (Like I Do) - (1992)

Talkin' Loud ‎– TLKCD 19, Talkin' Loud ‎– TLKCD19, Talkin' Loud ‎– 866 827-2


While not as immediate and awesome as the slice of perfection that is Take Me NowDo You Feel It (Like I Do) is a nice piece of early 90s socially conscious jazzy funk, A sound that really typified not just Talkin' Loud records but the UK underground music scene of this era.

Initially, when she first sings the line about "I had a dream" my gut feeling is to cringe, but as soon as that tried and tested jazz funk Talkin' Loud sound kicks in, you know this is gonna be wicked.


The Jazzy Feelin' mix comes courtesy of Roger Sanchez, and sounded pretty good to me at the time, but on revisiting it with my modern ears, sounds a little by the numbers? Maybe you'll feel differently.

The other version on here (in three separate varieties) comes from Mr Ceri Evans of the Brand New Heavies (and later Sunship), and is the definitive version, for my money.

Jump straight into the 12" mix (track 3) in my opinion.

  1. Do You Feel It (Like I Do) (Jazzy Feelin' 7")
  2. Do You Feel It (Like I Do) (12")
  3. Do You Feel It (Like I Do) (7")
  4. Do You Feel It (Like I Do) (Ceri Evans / Tammy Payne Dub)
Download: TP-DYFILID.7z | Filesize: 42.8 MB

Friday, 12 July 2019

Aswad ‎– Next To You - (1990)

Island Records ‎– CIDM 753, Island Records ‎– 875 963-2

Well, the sun is shining so I thought that was a good excuse as any to post up this summertime joint.

Aswad (Arabic for "black") are the UK's premier reggae group, noted for adding strong R&B and soul influences to the reggae sound. They have been around since the mid-1970s, having released a total of 21 albums.

Current members

  • Angus "Drummie Zeb" Gaye – vocals, drums (1975–present)
  • Tony "Gad" Robinson – vocals, bass, keyboards (1976–present)

Former members

  • Brinsley "Dan" Forde – vocals, rhythm guitars (1975–1996, 2009)
  • Donald "Dee" Griffiths – lead guitars (1975–1980)
  • George "Ras" Oban – bass (1975–1979)
  • Courtney "Khaki" Hemmings – keyboards (1975–1976)

Aswad released their most recent material in 2009, with the album City Lock. They released the singles "What Is Love?" and "Do That Thing" in the same year.

These boys are artists of the highest order.


Next To You is such a nice track, taking me back to blazing summer afternoons in the early nineties. This one's thirty years old next year. Feeling old yet?

It feels more R&B than reggae, although with reggae overtones, obviously.  The Roughneck Mix is your extended version, so investigate that if you're into the tune. The Jazz mix ain't really Jazz at all, but does make for a nice variation, being a little more piano driven. The Dimension Dub is a sample fest and also a very competent variation that's worth checking.

  1. Next To You
  2. Next To You (Roughneck Mix)
  3. Next To You (Jazz Mix)
  4. Next To You (Dimension Dub Mix)
Download: A-NTY.7z | Filesize: 40MB

Dodge City Productions - The Clarity EP - (1992)

4th & Broadway Records BRCD 231 - 886 397-2


320 re-up - originally posted 07/06/2012.

Dodge City Productions (DCP) were a British hip hop/Acid jazz group formed in London circa 1991, (and signed to the 4th & Broadway records), by IG Culture (real name Ian Grant) and DJ Dodge (real name Roger Drakes). They were one of the leaders of the Acid Jazz movement, and also received much acclaim and success for their many, many dope remixes, usually done as "City Lick". The group split in the early 1990s, and both members went to have further success in the music industry as solo artists.

Anyway, I've already told you all about the DCP boys here, so to the tracks themselves.



I have problems picking out what version I prefer as I like them both; I think The Clarity Edit just edges it as the drums seem a bit tighter, but there's not a lot in it. What do you think?? 

It's backed up by two solid cuts from the album: Ain't Going For That (actually a sequel to the album cut) & The Slow Jam which is a gorgeous jazzy cut that slinks its way under your skin, and features... yeah, you guessed it, our man Ronnie Jordan on guitar.

All in all, a quality release.


  1. The Road In Front Of Me (The Clarity Edit)
  2. The Road In Front Of Me (The Black Mix)
  3. Ain't Going For That (Part 2 '92)
  4. The Slow Jam
Download: DCP-TC-EP.7z | Filesize: 54.0MB

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Dodge City Productions - As Long As We're Around - (1992)

4th & Broadway Records - BRCD 261


320 Re-up - Originally posted 06/05/2012 by me.

Combining an authentic jazzy Hip-Hop swagger with a sophisticated soulful knowhow and bringing it to everything they touched, DJ Dodge and IG Culture were two of my favourite producers back in the day. A regrettably short-lived career as a duo in their own right saw them release an EP, a couple of singles and an LP, Steppin' Up & Out, and go on to remix anybody who mattered, infusing any artist with their trademark classy urban sound.

Steppin' Up & Out is a great album, but I felt it perhaps leaned a little too heavily towards Hip-Hop, and could have done with a couple more tracks like As Long As We're Around to make it truly fly, as it was clearly the stand-out track. Feels a little weird me saying that, being the Hip-Hop fan that I am, to speak the truth.

Both Dodge and IG have enjoyed hugely successful solo careers since disbanding DCP and are still very much involved in the music scene. Here's some further reading on on our dynamic duo:


Onto this release, featuring the talented vocalist Ghida De Palma singing her ass off, and the mighty Ronnie Jordan on guitar (no wonder it sounds so great), the LP Edit is a nice enough shortening of a brilliant track, but it saddens me there is no extended version of it, or even just the full LP version, on this CD (so I've included the full album track in the download to make up for that fact. Never say I don't look after you). Why only feature a shortened version of the reason you're buying the single for in the first place?? It doesn't make sense.

The script gets flipped in a harder take on the track in the Say You Hear Dis Mix; Ghida's vocals are re-sung in a more aggressive fashion, the beat is considerably harder; and it sounds a lot better today than I remember from the time when all I cared about was the original/LP version that was getting heavy rotation. Really good stuff. The Dub Dance version is effectively the LP mix minus pieces of the chorus, but is otherwise a minor variation on the original mix.

Rounding it out is the Whistle Mix of Young Life, which is a nice early 90s slice of jazzy Hip-Hop which, if, like me, you're into bands like A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul will appeal to you.

Enjoy this, as it's another classic.

  1. As Long As We're Around (LP Edit)
  2. As Long As We're Around (Say You Hear Dis Mix)
  3. As Long As We're Around (Dub Dance)
  4. Young Life (Whistle Mix)
  5. Bonus: As Long As We're Around (LP Version)
Download Link is here: DCP-ALAWA.7z | Filesize: 54.4MB

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Mica Paris - One - (1995)

Cooltempo Records, CDCOOL304


Originally posted in 2009 by me. Now re-upped in 320. This is another of those odd ones that is now being attributed to Mickey. Really weird, that. - Kymba

Following on from Mickey's The Chimes post, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" which is a U2 cover version par excellence, I thought I'd do the same. We're all about the continuity here!

So take one pretentious rock/pop star's arguably finest moment. Get someone hugely talented, vocally, in to re-sing it and voila - instant magic! (Ah... but it was 'a good song' and Mica is probably the only singer who could've truly improved it? Mickey)

Yup, you're right, Mick. I'll take my slap on the wrists there - it is a classic song with truly beautiful lyrics, and I'm letting my dislike for Bono & Co colour my words, but listening to Mica Paris sing it is like hearing it the way it should be rather than just a mere cover.


Mica sings with effortless grace, and real passion. Her smokey vocals - I almost melt when she ups the emotion with the line "...did I disappoint you..." - over the slick, non intrusive beats, really are a match made in heaven. Having said that, Mica could ride over a Gun N Roses beat and make it sound wicked.

There's a suite of mixes, and I'll hazard a semi-educated guess and say that our Mickey would go for the lovely Perfecto mixes, but, for me, the Ethnic Boyz mix is the best (points awarded if you can tell me what song is sampled for the main loop), closely followed by the Original Mix

That's not to say the others are bad at all, though!


  1. One (Perfecto 7" Edit)
  2. One (Original Mix)
  3. One (Perfecto Mix)
  4. One (Ethnic Boyz Mix)
  5. One (Perfecto Dub)
Download: MP-O.7z | Filesize: 58.9MB

Friday, 5 July 2019

Mica Paris - Young Soul Rebels - (1991)

Big Life BLR D 57

320 Re-up!!

Mickey P says: A great song from Mica that was the theme from a UK movie of the same name. Not the best movie in the world but hey, thanks for the soundtrack? Along with Mica's B-sides, this was another gem that didn't make it onto an album?


Kymba says: Man, I love Mica's work. She can do no wrong for me. This release is a great example of that.

Ignore the Original Version - it does little for me and probably won't for you either. What you'll want is that wicked remix. The beat sounds very much like a recreation of (or inspired by at the very least) the Think Twice loop as was huge at the time and used on Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam's excellent 'Let The Beat Hit 'Em' (as posted elsewhere on here), and Main Source's sublime 'Looking At The Front Door'. It ain't the sample, but it sounds very close.

Have a listen and see what you think.
  1. Young Soul Rebels (Remix Edit)
  2. Young Soul Rebels (Original Version)
  3. Young Soul Rebels (Remix)
Download: MP-YSR.7z | Filesize: 32.1MB

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Mica Paris - Contribution - (1990)

4th & Broadway ‎– BRCD 188, Island Records ‎– 879 319-2


I've always loved Mica, and in the late 80s to early 90s she was banging out tune after wonderful tune. My One Temptation, the uber sexy Breathe Life Into Me, the breathtakingly beautiful I Should Have Known Better (one of the best basslines ever - thanks, Omar!), Young Soul Rebels.

I could go on but you get the point.


Contribution is such a great tune. It's got the typical early 90s UK urban music scene vibes of equality and social consciousness which may come off as cheesey to some, but it is way better than the rank commercialism and overt hyper-sexualisation of today's music. And it's all held down with a very urban party vibe style beat. 

Hip Hop legend Rakim (we're not worthy!) makes an appearance, dropping some of his trademark ahead-of-his-time bars over the dope beats. There is also guitar work by a certain Mr Nile Rogers of Chic fame. Awesome!

I genuinely enjoy all the mixes and this is one rare occasion where I'm not gonna suggest one or two over the others (I know, right?). They're not too dissimilar but they all work.

Incidentally, the backup track Showers Of Love is produced by Phivos (Phill) Sebastiane better known as The Scientist! No, not the reggae dub specialist, but the UK's own electronic music Scientist who put out legendary breakbeat cuts such as The Excorcist and The Bee. as well as Champion Sound (under the name Kick Squad). Sadly, Showers of Love is the weakest joint on this CD, and shows none of Phil's psychedelic rave infused breakbeat madness.

  1. Contribution (The Original Edit)
  2. Contribution (Transistor Mix)
  3. Contribution (The Revolution Remix)
  4. Showers Of Love
Download: MP-C.7z | Filesize: 41.1MB

Monday, 1 July 2019

Mica Paris - Breathe Life Into Me - (1988)

Island Records ‎– BRCDP 115


Mica Paris (born Michelle Wallen on 27 April 1969 in South London) is an English soul singer, radio and television celeb, and occasional actress and author who is well documented on Soul Vendor - and will be featured several times more in the near future.

She dropped her debut joint 'So Good' in 1988, followed by the first single, the sublime My One TemptationBreathe life Into Me followed this and made an instant impression on a very young me.

Mica's vocals are undeniably rooted in the gospel tradition, but she sings with a certain husky, raunchy edge, and can hit certain notes that almost pierce your soul, as I mentioned when I posted her track One back in the day (watch this space for a 320 re-up of that, btw).


Yeah, the production (by L'Equipe (Miles Waters, Peter Vale) with Engineering by Lee Hamblin) is relatively pop sounding, and doesn't have the proto Neo Soul and R&B vibes of her early 90s work that I loved her for so much... but DAMN if this ain't a sexy, seductive piece of work. It is undeniably tight and sexy, and Mica's sensual delivery give this a certain ooh-la-la that elevates it into something special. Easily my favourite joint from her debut album.

Turn the lights down, light up some candles, pour a glass of something naughty jump straight into that extended mix.


Note: Although the cover scan looks like it's a cassette, I can assure you that this is the CD single. It has a half sized inlay card to show off the picture disc.



  1. Breathe Life Into Me (Radio Remix)
  2. Breathe Life Into Me (Extended Remix)
  3. In The City
  4. Like Dreamers Do (Hello New York)
Download: MP-BLIM.7z | Filesize: 42.9MB

Monday, 24 June 2019

Paul Johnson - No More Tomorrows (Promo) - (1989)

CBS ‎– PJOHN C7, CBS ‎– 654596 2 Promo


Paul Johnson is something of an unheralded UK Soul legend. He began singing in school and church while living in New York during the 1970's and later worked with one of the UK’s pioneering contemporary Gospel bands, Paradise and also sang with the London Community Gospel Choir. 

He sang backing vocals with Junior Giscombe on the Red Wedge Tour where he met Billy Bragg, Paul Weller, The Smiths, Blow Monkeys, Communards and many other pop artists. Soon after that tour, he signed an album deal as singer and songwriter to CBS Records in the late 1980's in which he recorded two albums, Paul Johnson and Personal. His first singles were When Love Comes Calling, written and produced Junior Giscombe and Half a World Away

Paul has also worked with Bryan Ferry, Stevie Wonder, Bros, Mica Paris, Juliet Roberts, Loose Ends, Al Green, Tom Robinson, Cliff Richard, George Michael, Soul II Soul (Represent is already on here), Glen Goldsmith, Steven Dante, Bluey Maunick of Incognito and many others. In addition, he has toured Europe and the UK, doing numerous television shows and has performed at Ronnie Scots and Sadlers Wells and has been a featured artist on various records, performing on numerous re-mixes through producer Danny D. Through an introduction by Juliet Roberts, he began touring and recording with M People and has sung with Lynieve Austin and Sarah Brown on tours around the world. 

His other work has been as a production co-ordinator providing session singers for the industry in the UK and abroad which include managing and signing Shaun Escoffery to his own production company. After working with DJ Dodge, he was introduced to a new audience through the release in 1994 of If We Lose Our Way (a release I'm desperate to get on Soul Vendor) written and produced with IG Culture, Sayin’ Something and To Be Wanted. He began working on an album with DJ Dodge that has never been released. 


He stopped singing some time ago and is currently "somewhat removed from the music industry". Currently, he is the head of a department in an inner city college where he works with young people and adults who despite very difficult circumstances are attempting to improve their lives through accessing education.

Awesome stuff!



  1. No More Tomorrows
  2. I Don't Care
  3. Hold On! I'm Comin'
  4. That Was Yesterday
Download: PJ-NMT.7z | Filesize: 34.3MB

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hotstepper - (1994)

Columbia ‎– COL 661047 2, Columbia ‎– 661047 2


I thought long and hard about posting this one on here, it's not soul by any definition (apart from maybe where the sample the tune is built upon comes from (Taana Gardner's 1981 classic Heartbeat)).

I thought I'd post it anyway - it was massive in the clubs at the same time as the other music I post on here was. Screw it, huh?

Ini Kamoze was born Cecil Campbell on 9 October 1957 in Jamaica, and began his career in the early 1980s with serious tracks such as World a Music (Out In The Streets They Call It Murther), as sampled by Damian "Junior Gong" Marley ((son of Bob) on his 2005 anthem Welcome To Jamrock), as well as tracks such as England Be Nice.


This track, specifically the remix, blew up world wide in 1994, scoring him number ones all over the place. The original mix is really interesting, but it's all about that Heartical Mix, fusion reggae masterpiece that it is. 

Big up all crew inna de area!

  1. Here Comes The Hotstepper (Heartical Mix)
  2. Here Comes The Hotstepper (Heartipella)
  3. Here Comes The Hotstepper (Heartimental)
  4. Here Comes The Hotstepper (Allaam Mix)
  5. Here Comes The Hotstepper (Allaamental)
  6. Here Comes The Hotstepper (LP Version)
Download: IK-HCTH.7z | Filesize: 56.6MB

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Loose Ends - Don't Be A Fool - (1990)

Ten Records TENX312

Kym says: 320Reup. This is another post from Mickey P circa 2009. I forgot I had requested it - not being able to find my CDS at the time. I've since recovered it and am re-upping here in 320. 
Mick gives us a great write up as always and I'd like to add how much I love the breakbeat - sampled from The Demon Boyz legendary track Recognition (that break itself is a heavily modified Synthetic Substitution by Melvin Bliss which I have bigged up here and here and probably other places, too!). 
..Wait a minute, I'm coming off sounding like a real nerd, aren't I? 
"Sort ya life aaaht!" ūü§£
Well, this one's for 'Our Kymba' and I certainly don't need to tell you about this, do I. What, I do? Oh..... OK then?

Loose Ends formed in London in 1980, initially comprising vocalist and guitarist Carl McIntosh, vocalist Jane Eugene, and keyboard player, writer and founder Steve Nichol. The latter two left the group in 1989, bringing an end to a legend.

In 1990 McIntosh wanted to move forward, leading the way for the 90's. Eugene and Nichol decided to leave, and were replaced by Linda Carriere and Sunay Suleyman. Look How Long was the only studio album released by this line up, and featured this, their final hit single, Don't Be A Fool.

While the rest of the music world was sticking Whoo and Yeah samples into everything from Bananarama to Timmy Mallet, Carl McIntosh utilised the technology in a far more classy and soulful way. The awesome bubbly bass line works it's magic on the feet while Carriere voice weaves into your consciousness. Five minutes and fifty seconds of highly infectious groove, Resistance is futile, dance mutha!


On the flip the Instrumental is worth checking out. There's more to this than just a plain backing track. It has a life of it's own. Let's Wax A Fatty, on the other hand, is a strange affair.
"Buy this record! You heard me..."
It's an advert? Fair enough, it's an advert with a bitchin' groove but I think it's a shame that such a good backing track gone to waste.

McIntosh himself went on to work behind the recording desk following the group's peak popularity, he has produced and remixed for many artists, most notably Caron Wheeler.

  1. Don't Be A Fool
  2. Don't Be A Fool (12" Extended Version)
  3. Don't Be A Fool (Instrumental)
  4. Let's Wax A Fatty
Download: LE-DBAF.7z | Filesize: 39.2MB

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Harriet - Temple Of Love - (1991)

EastWest ‎– YZ 505 CD, EastWest ‎– 9031-71815-2


As requested by Tim.

Harriet (born Harriet Roberts, 1966, Sheffield, England), is a pop-soul singer who had a couple of minor hits in the early 90s, alongside an album called Woman To Man.

Temple of Love is a very cool song that has aged particularly well. I perhaps didn't give this enough attention first time round but I'm enjoying it a lot more in later years. I'm not quite sure it's because so much modern music sounds so awful, or that it just got lost amongst some other amazing music in the early 90s? Anyway, there are some nice Sade Smooth Operator vibes on display here, and she sings tell hell out of the song in a smoky, seductive manner.

I don't really know much about Harriet or this release so if anyone has any info I can add here I would greatly appreciate it. For now I'll simply have to nick a bunch of stuff from Wikipedia...

In 1991, Harriet took part in the Italian Song Festival in San Remo with the English version of the song "In questa città" (written by Pino Daniele and performed in Italian by Loredana Bertè). The English version was titled, "All That We Are".

She co-wrote the song "Whatever You Need" with Russ Courtenay for Tina Turner's 1999 album, Twenty Four Seven.

In 2014, she released the digital album Reality containing ten tracks, under the name Harriet Roberts.



The CD is one of those annoying ones that can't be scanned very well. Damn.

  1. Temple Of Love
  2. Animal
  3. Temple Of Love (Tuff Stuff)
Download: H-TOL.7z | Filesize: 32.3MB

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Lewis Taylor - Whoever (1996)

Island Records ‎– CID 647, Island Records ‎– 854 747-2


Note: Oops! Just realised I've duplicated an existing post! Oh well, never-mind. Original linked here. - Kym
Andrew Lewis Taylor (born 20 January 1966), better known as Lewis Taylor, is a British multi-instrumentalist musician, born and raised in Barnet, North London. Quite close to me!

He is perhaps the personification on the word underrated.

Prior to making some damn fine Neo Soul music, Lewis was involved in psychedelic rock, something that he brought elements from to his soul recordings. Lewis was such a true artist that it's heartbreaking knowing how little sales success he had outside of those discerning heads like us (I hear his live shows were another level of excellent but I never got to experience one myself). 

He had so much talent and could/should really have been huge. He did some really interesting shit that you didn't find on your typical soul album:  experimental and always innovative, willing to push the envelope in new and interesting ways. It leaves you marvelling at the musicianship involved.

He retired from music as Lewis Taylor in 2006 after 7(?) albums and mild success that belies the dopeness of his musical output, but has been involved with others since such as Finlay Quaye and Gnarles Barkley as musical director, which is pretty damn impressive in and of itself.



Whoever is a slinky Neo Soul track, perfect in every way - the slick production, the vocals and tight harmonising, everything. It screams quality and hooks you from the get-go with a killer, laidback groove that's sounds equally good in a club or in the car. 

It's an excellent track.

Special note needs to be made of the gorgeously schizophrenic track Pie In Electric Sky/If I Lay Down With You which starts as psychedelia (Pie In Electric Sky) and mutates into something almost Marvin Gaye-esque (If I Lay Down With You). I remember having a moment with this tune on headphones many years ago. Eargasmic - but then every track on this CD is a winner, despite Whoever being the stand-out. 


  1. Whoever
  2. Pie In Electric Sky / If I Lay Down With You
  3. Waves
  4. Trip So Heavy
Download: LT-W.7z | Filesize: ???MB

Thursday, 13 June 2019

1 World ‎– Down On Love (1990)

FFRR ‎– FCD 129, FFRR ‎– 886 901-2

This is a lovely little forgotten gem of a track that I first encountered on a Deep Heat album. I heard it played out a couple of times in clubs but it had pretty poor exposure, if my memory serves me correctly.

It has a sad, mournful vibe, despite the hopeful lyrics.

Produced and written by Mike Percy and Tim Lever, who, as One World Productions, went on to produce for the likes of Kenny Thomas, Pauline Henry, Diana Brown And Barrie K. Sharpe, After 7 and others. 

Sadly, I don't know the vocalists name.


Only the one mix which is backed up with a radio edit and an instrumental. Regardless, it's a nice release of a great song and really does deserve some love, even if it is almost thirty years too late!


  1. Down On Love (Assertive Edit)
  2. Down On Love (Assertive Mix)
  3. Down On Love (Assertive Instrumental)
Download: 1W-DOL.7z | Filesize: 37.7MB

Monday, 10 June 2019

Martine Girault ‎– Revival - (1992)

FFRR ‎– FCD 195


As requested by Tim on the Chico Debarge Iggin' Me post.

We've already had the 12" posted on here by Mickey back in 2009 (we really could do with a 320 re-rip now I come to think of it) and I've only made you guys wait ten bloody years for this CDS! 

Go peep the original post for more info.


For my two cents worth, ignore the radio mix as usual and dive straight into the Original Mix - four and a half minutes of nineties UK soul perfection. The Funky Vibes mix is a nice curio, it's good to hear a different spin on the classic, and I am feeling the extra hip hop (almost trip hop?) vibes this one packs, but ultimately it falls short of the original.

Nothin's Gonna Change, the final track here, is another really cool track, and well worth your time. Another one with her signature style of sparse, repeated  vocals and hip hop production sensibilities.

Revival is a wicked cut and another timeless track from this era.


  1. Revival (Radio Mix)
  2. Revival (Original Mix)
  3. Revival (Funky Vibes Mix)
  4. Nothin's Gonna Change
Download: MG-R.7z | Filesize: 38.3MB

Sunday, 9 June 2019

The Chimes - Heaven - (1989)

CBS ‎– 655432 2


There can be few breakbeats as wicked as Bobby Byrd's awesome Hot Pants (Bonus Beats) break. It's up there with the all-time great breaks that have transcended genre such as the Winston's Amen Brother, James Brown's Funky Drummer and Skull Snaps' It's A New Day to name a few.

You can find it as the rhythmic backbone to widely varied tracks like Congress' 40 Miles, True Faith/Pin-up Girls' Take Me Away, The Prodigy's Warriors Dance, Stone Roses' Fools Gold, Run DMC's What's It All About, Blurr's There's No Other Way, Big Daddy Kane's Raw and so many others.

And then there's this little beauty. Released in 1989 producer Mike Peden (later one half of The Lighthouse Family) put together a solid groove of a bassline, laced it with the Hot Pants break, and employed the killer diva-like voice of Miss Pauline Henry to absolutely murk up the track.


This is a fantastic slice of classic UK soul & dance, as HMV like to categorise it and remains a total banger thirty years on (seriously, can you believe it's really thirty damn years??).

Frankie Foncett is on the remix for the Attack Vocal Club Mix and provides an interesting take but it not really my thing. Go straight in with the original version (track one) or maybe even the Heavy Club.

Incidentally, apologies for the state of the CD sleeve - that faux gold colour doesn't take ageing very well!

  1. Heaven
  2. Heaven (Heavy Club)
  3. Heaven (Attack Vocal Club Mix)
  4. So Much In Love (Extended Demo Version)
Download: TC-H.7z | Filesize: 42.8MB