Friday, 2 May 2008

YoYo Honey - Groove On 1991

Zomba Music JIVE T 289

This is the reason I like YoYo Honey so much, the second single prior to the album and another Perfecto Mix. Hardly necessary though because the Club Mix is more than adequate but still, Oakenfold & Osbourne make it silky smooth. This for me, is Shoniwa's finest hour, Groove On does exactly what it says on the can. Infectious, this groove goes straight for the jugular.

The producer behind this excellent groove is Michael Peden who was also a member of The Chimes.

  • Perfecto Mix
  • Club Mix
  • Dub Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: YoYo Honey - Groove On.rar Filesize: 29.07 MB


  1. Once again, a brilliant slice of 90's urban soul that shames today's overproduced plastic R&B nonsense.

    Thanks for bringin' back so many memories, Mr P!


  2. The RAR-archive is broken.

  3. Nothing wrong with the link, try again and if ads come up... do it again. ;-)

  4. Tried three times to download, and finally i got it to work. Thanks dude! :D


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