Monday, 22 December 2008

The Wooten Brothers - Try My Love 1990

A&M Records 395 331-2

The Wooten Brothers are George, Gary and Louis. They were introduced to the music business by the one and only Russell Simmons. Main vocals & backing are by George, Louis and Andre Johnson while production, arrangement (beats, vocals & keyboards) and mixing are by Gary along with Dave Ogrin. Oh, Gary plays Trumpet too. Executive Producer, Tony Rome is responsible for the Scratching and got involved in Background Vocals and Herb 'Pump' Powers mastered it.Other names involved as assistant engineers are Chris Tyce, Russell Elevado, Pete Lewis, Pavel Dejesus, Gregory Tupper and Rusty Cutchin. Ed Jones is on guitar.

  • Try My Love
  • Friendz
  • Tell Me
  • We Could Be Together
  • I'll Wait
  • I'd Rather Be With You
  • Closer (Never Too Close)
  • Looks
  • Physical Contact
  • Love Or Lust
  • I'd Rather Be With You (Dub)
  • Friendz (Extended)
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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Jeff Redd - A Quiet Storm 1990

MCA Records MCAD-42299

Native New Yorker, Jeff Redd began singing with the short-lived group, The Sophisticated Gents, at the age of 17 in the mid-1980s. Redd got a deal with Uptown-MCA Records after Andre Harrell saw him perform as a solo artist. Uptown-MCA produced his 1990 debut album, A Quiet Storm. It includes some uptempo New Jack Swing songs I Found Lovin' and Come And Get Your Lovin' but this album is all about the far superior love ballads Love High and What Goes Around, Comes Around both of which charted with Love High reaching #16 on the charts. He also released a song entitled You Called And Told Me, from the Strictly Business soundtrack in 1991.

Redd played a large part in getting then-unknown singer Mary J Blige started in the music industry. While working in the assembly line at General Motors, Redd was given a tape from Mary J. Blige's step-father. The tape featured Blige performing Anita Baker's Rapture. Redd helped get her signed to Uptown and she toured with and worked as a background singer for him.

In 1993, Redd recorded a second album, Down Low. However, before the album could see release, EMI closed their entire black music department. As a result, only 1000 copies ever saw release and the album is very hard to find.

Jeff Redd then went on to work as an A&R exec at MCA Records. While at MCA, Redd worked with artists like Regina Belle and K-Ci & JoJo. When MCA closed their doors in 2003, Redd started up his own independent label, Sol Real Records, LLC.

With the label, Redd currently works with artists like Akili, Blaq Rose and Forever. In 2007, Redd released an album entitled Jeff Redd Presents : The Essence Of Soul which features tracks from each of these artists. Jeff Redd has an album in the works to be released in 2008.

  • I Found Lovin'
  • Love High
  • In My House
  • Giving My Love To You
  • Dance With Me
  • Come And Get My Lovin'
  • Surrender
  • What Goes Around, Comes Around
  • Brazilian Lady
  • I Like Your Love (I Like It)
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Info courtesy of Wikapedia so its not guaranteed accurate?

Friday, 19 December 2008

Penny Ford - Daydreaming 1993

Columbia Records 659059 2

In 1986, Pennye Ford replaced Lorena Shelby as the lead singer of Klymaxx. After a year on the road she joined the SOS Band for a six-month stint before working as the principal background singer with Chaka Khan, and session work, including two albums for George Clinton. It was through her work with Chaka Khan that Ford wound up joining Snap! late 1989.

Based on the runaway success of Snap!, Ford did a one-year tour with the group. As the co-writer of four Snap singles, The Power, Oops Up, Mary Had a Little Boy and the Euro hit Cult of Snap, which collectively sold nine million copies. Upon leaving Snap, Ford was the object of a major-label bidding war that resulted in her signing to Columbia/Sony in June 1991.

In 1993, Pennye having dropped the 'e' from her christian name and released the album 'Penny Ford', which was produced by Randy Jackson. The album contained her version of the Aretha Franklin penned and performed Daydreamin'. She enlisted the services of producer and bassist Randy D. Jackson, who had worked with Narada Michael Walden. It features guitar by John Mitchell, piano by Greg Phillanganes and a tight sax solo by Gerald Albright.

Good mixes all around but the Full Day 12" got a lot of play, as I recall. It's a shame the LP Version is edited for the single though?

  • Single Edit
  • Love Deacons Of Soul Mix
  • Full Day 12" Mix
  • Tabanca/Dance Hall
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90's, British, Dance, Funk, Groove, Nineties, Soul, UK, Urban,

Monday, 15 December 2008

Street Sounds Edition 7 1983

Street Sounds STSND 007

Another great release on the Street Sounds label. Michael Jackson's Billie Jean was phenomenal at the time and Lydia Murdock grabbed a whole heap of limelight with Superstar with a few surprises, first it ripped off Billie Jean's groove, secondly it was an 'answer back' song and finally it consists of a female rap. Extraordinary at the time but oh so dated now. Instant Funk & Billy Griffin were popular here but for me it was all about side one. Dayton's Sound Of Music, Tom Browne and The Jones Girls in particular but Curtis and Lillo also high on the list.

  • Dayton - Sound Of Music
  • Curtis Hairston - I Want You
  • Tom Browne - Brighter Tomorrow
  • The Jones Girls - Knockin'
  • Lillo Thomas - I Love It
  • Lydia Murdock - Superstar
  • Second Image - Don't You
  • Instant Funk - You'll Be Mine
  • Billy Griffin - Respect
  • Lew Kirton - Talk To Me
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Sunday, 30 November 2008

N'Dea Davenport - Bring It On 1998

V2 Records VVR5002033

After joining The Brand New Heavies in 1990, N'dea Davenport moved to London, England. Her solo aspirations were postponed to record two albums for them and she featured on Trust Me, a collaboration with rapper Guru in 1993. She departed from the Heavies in 1994 to pursue a solo career. Her critically acclaimed solo debut album was produced in part by Dallas Austin and Davenport herself. The self-titled album was released in 1998 on V2 Records. Several singles were culled from the album including Bring It On.

Gang Starr's Premier & Guru give it the remix treatment, Guru putting a few lines in on one mix but for me its all about the Tony Maserati Mix. Hex Hector, don't get me started on that.

  • Album Mix
  • Premier & Guru Mix feat. Guru
  • Tony Maserati Mix
  • Premier & Guru Mix
  • Hex Hector 12" Instrumental
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Filename: Ndea 98.rar Filesize: 45.77 MB

Friday, 28 November 2008

Nu Colours - Power 1992

Wild Card Records CARDD 3

Nu Colours were the gospel group and looked likely to make a cross over into the mainstream. The Gospel group comprising Lain Gray (Lain provided some great vocals for Jason Chue a.k.a. Wookie on 'Battle' amongst many others), Lawrence Johnson, Sophia Johnson, Patricia Knight and the legendary Fay Simpson.

Fay is one of the most experienced singers on the UK gospel scene. She honed her craft growing up in the Church of God of Prophecy in Harlesden, north west London, and at 19 joined Nu Colours, who had a deal with a secular label. She left the group in 1995 and began song writing and vocal arranging.

After singing on the UK gospel circuit, Lain Gray was asked to join premier gospel outfit Nu Colours in 1991, Lawrence Johnson, founder member of the group, was calling Lain for auditions saying he was putting some band together. Later he said, 'Oh, in case you don't get this, would you be interested in being involved with Nu Colours?'

is written by producer Ian Green and group vocalists Lawrence Johnson & Fay Simpson with Monie Love writing and performing the rap. The Evergreen Mix is the Ian Green single release while the Garage Mix and Underground Dub are remixed by Paul Gotel, the dub is a Well Hung Parliament mix along with his sidekick, Spencer Williams.

Tears is the Frankie Knuckles Instrumental which is somewhat odd as it was originally a Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie song and without Nu Colours vocals it still is, even though its produced by V Outfit.

  • Power (Evergreen Mix)
  • Power (Garage Mix)
  • Tears (FK Instrumental)
  • Power (Underground Dub)
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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Headz - 1994

Mo Wax Records MWCD026

OK, this isn't soul, per se, but its damn good music that belongs in a Soul & Dance arena. Leftfield, fair enough, but interesting and skillfully executed. This is for the Hip Hop avant garde, lovers of the Low End Theory, the Jazz Headz.

A collage of beautiful jams, 16 instrumental excursions, my favourites being Freedom Now (Meditation) by Patterson, Contemplating Jazz by Attica Blues, Ravers Suck Our Sound by LA Funk Mob and the DJ Shadow tracks, Lost & Found (S.F.L.) & In-Flux (Alternative Interlude '93 Remix). Also worthy of a mention is the Palm Skin Productions - Slipper Suite comprising
  1. Jeremy's Velvet Slippers
  2. Moonrakers
  3. Unspeakable Acts
It's all good, insert disc, press play, lay back and do your thing!

This 2 CD set came in a plastic gatefold wallet with two CDs each in its own sleeve.

It was later reissued carrying the same catalog number but in plain grey card sleeves without the artwork. I don't think its available anymore. OK, I admit it, it was an easy post but the turntable is out and ready to work.

  • Patterson - Freedom Now
  • Attica Blues - Contemplating Jazz
  • Awunsound - Symmetrical Jazz
  • Nightmares On Wax - Stars
  • La Funk Mob - Ravers Suck Our Sound
  • M.F. Outa 'National Miles Out Of Time
  • RPM - The Inside
  • Autechre - Lowride
  • Olde Scottish - Wildstyle: The Krush Handshake
  • DJ Shadow - Lost & Found
  • Skull - Destroy All Monsters
  • Deflon Sallahr - ... Don't Fake It
  • RPM - 2000
  • Palm Skin Productions - Slipper Suite
  • UNKLE - The Time Has Come
  • Howie B Inc. - Head West
  • Tranquility Bass - They Came In Peace
  • DJ Shadow - In-Flux
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Monday, 10 November 2008

Courtney Buchanan - R U Conscious 1993

Conscious Records MCSTD 1792

Courtney Buchanan gained critical acclaim with his single release Life With You in '92. His second single release 'R U Conscious - The Chapters' (CON 14) was licensed from Conscious Records by MCA a scored a minor hit in 1993.

The CD single release features the additional Hip Hop Edit and the Final Chapter (Instrumental). Buchanan was hot property in '93 and Soul II Soul's Daddae Harvey is involved on the remixes. His Soul Mix: The Final Chapter was always the one that got the drop back in the day. Listening now, I think the Album Version is the better mix.

In 1994 he dropped a stunning release called Heaven which I never got my hands on. It's supposedly taken from an album called 'Kingdom Come' but I've never come across either.

  • Chapter One (Hip Hop Edit)
  • Chapter One (Full Hip Hop Mix)
  • Chapter Two (Ragga Mix)
  • Chapter Three (Album Version)
  • Chapter Four (Soul Mix)
  • Final Chapter (Instrumental)
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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Portrait - Here We Go! 1993

Capitol Records CDCL 683

Portrait are Michael Angelo Saulsberry, Irving Washington III, Eric Kirkland and Philip Johnson. This US group from Los Angeles, debuted in 1992 with Honey Dip and Here We Go Again! was the follow up which was a little more successful. They rode in on the back of New Jack Swing which was just starting to fade in the UK at the time.

This 1993 UK release features the US Extended Version that works the New Jack vibe well (with Bonus Beats) while the UK is catered for with the Dr. Bob Jones Deep Cut Surgery Mix. Need I say more?

As with Brian McKnight, they got involved in the Black Men United project, singing on U Will Know for the Jason's Lyric ost. Working with Quincy Jones, Babyface and Tamia kept them in the public eye but covering a Bee Gees song lost them a lot of credibility and they fell from grace. They are still recording, their last release was in 2005 on the foreign market.

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Filename: Portrait.rar Filesize: 28.8 MB

Apologies for the crappy CD jpg but the outer ring text is mirror effect and I can't get a scan?

Friday, 24 October 2008

Brian McKnight - One Last Cry 1993

Mercury Records Promo MRXDJ 394

Brian McKnight grew up on gospel as a member of a Seventh-day Adventist Church choir and a band leader in high school. His older brother was a member of Take 6 and their success gave him a little motivation. McKnight signed with Mercury Records at the age of 19 and released his first album, Brian McKnight, in 1992.

Brian McKnight produced and featured in BMU (Black Men United), a collaboration between a large number of black male RnB acts including Aaron Hall, Boyz II Men, El DeBarge, Gerald Levert, H-Town, Tevin Campbell, Tony! Toni! Toné!, Usher. The sole song "U Will Know", written by a young D'Angelo, was released in 1994. It was featured in the movie Jason's Lyric and on the movie's soundtrack.

McKnight’s vocal style is his own. He does however draw heavily from Stevie Wonder and also has an uncanny ability to mimic the timbre and style of other singers .
  • One Last Cry (Single Edit)
  • Goodbye My Love (A Real Goodbye Mix)
  • Goodbye My Love (Radio 7")
  • Goodbye My Love (N.O. Joe Mix)
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Filename: Brian McKnight.rar Filesize: 30.76 MB

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Higher Ground - Sugar Free (Don't Want Your Love) 1991

Cooltempo Records COOLCD246

This cover of the superb 80's Groove killa by Juicy (Jerry & Katreese Barnes, who also wrote the song) was the follow up to Somebody. Personally, I thought Somebody was better and Juicy's 1985 version of Sugar Free (Super Deo Dance Mix) remixed by legendary Deodato, was much better... but this seems to be very popular, then and now so, by request, here it is.

A Mike Percy & Tim Lever production for One World. My apologies for the diabolical CD scan but its reflective and after about six attempts I settled for this one cos you can just about read the credits?

  • 7" Edit
  • One World Mix
  • One Touch Mix
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Filename: Higher Ground.rar Filesize: 22.94 MB

Monday, 13 October 2008

Nomad Soul - Candy Mountain 1991

Island Records CID 505

Diane Charlemagne is one of those rare UK sparkling talents. Her voice has been described as a soulful, sensual, swooping energy to flow through an eclectic collection of music. Her songwriting claims an innocent beauty with her use of pseudonyms. Achieving stand-out in the musical genres of drum and bass, jazz, dance and pop cannot be claimed by many artists.

Diane has an exceptional flair for songwriting, and so it comes as no surprise the majority of the material she appears on has in fact been both arranged lyrically and melodically by herself. She writes carefully crafted lyrics and beautifully balanced melodies - often shaded by the twinkling stars of leading artists.

Her roots began in Manchester's Moss Side in the early 80s scene. Starting off in a battle of the bands scenario Diane soon became an associated member of legendary R'n'B group 52nd Street. Diane continued her early successes with the band to include Tell Me How It Feels (coming soon) which went on to tear up the US Billboard Charts reaching number 15.

The early nineties saw Diane working with Howie B and Dobie (Soul II Soul), Howie B & Dobie were offered a deal with Island Records. Along with Charlemagne they, allegedly, recorded an album as Nomad Soul. After only one single, Candy Mountain, Dobie apparently left because he wasn't happy with where things were heading.

I was also under the impression she was the vocalist with Cool Down Zone but she doesn't record it in her discography? Then came the monumental breakthrough of Inner City Life by Goldie.

The mid Nineties engaged Diane's voice with Urban Cookie Collective, releases include The Key, The Secret. Since then Charlemagne has progressed on the dance scene and moved into house and garage. Working and writing with artists such as K-Klass, Satoshi Tomiie, Mutiny UK, Santos and Judge Jules, prior to being invited to tour as a singer with Moby. Touring for over 3 years, Diane gained worldwide recognition.

Recent years have seen the soulful diva signed with Chrysalis Music and continuing to work with respected acts such as, collaborations with London Electricity, 2020Soundsystem and Prayer Box. Diane was part of The Gospel Choir performance of Cry Of Innocence - the opera in respect of the tragic death of 19 year old Stephen Lawrence.

OK, so this is a request and I found it in the crates. The SIIS boys get a little quirky on this oddball leftfielder. Using that guitar sample that I know so well but can't put a name too, this avoids a pigeonhole by standing firmly astride the Jazz & Soul division. Hard to choose between the Radio Mix and the Nellee Hooper Mix but both work well.

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Nomad Soul.rar Filesize: 27.31 MB

Friday, 10 October 2008

Bootsy's Rubber Band - Jungle Bass 1990

4th & Broadway Records BRECD 550

One for the Funky People out there, I know there are a few. William Bootsy Collins was one of James Brown's regular band, The JB's, in the late 1960s before joining forces with George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic cartel in the '70s, Collins' driving bass guitar and humorous vocals established him as one of the leading names in funk. His signature instrument is a custom-built star-shaped bass guitar he calls the Space Bass. Collins was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 with fifteen other members of Parliament-Funkadelic.

Check the names on this list of credits, a veritable 'Who's Who' in the Funk business.

In 1990 Bootsy collaborated with Deee-Lite on their massive hit Groove Is In The Heart where he contributed additional vocals along with Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Although he also appeared in the music video playing the bass, the bassline in the song is actually a sample of a Herbie Hancock song called Bring Out The Birds, Bootsy's Rubber Band did become the backing musicians for Deee-Lite during their world tour though. Despite being thoroughly busy they still had time to produce this wonderful bit of experimental music. 30 minutes of cyberfunk!

  • Jungle Bass (Jungle One/Long Form)
  • Disciples Of Funk (Return Of The Funkateers)
  • Jungle Bass (House Of Bass Mix)
  • Interzone (Silent Hush-Hush Mix/Cyberfunk)
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Filename: Jungle Bass CDS.rar Filesize: 46.5 MB