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Penny Ford - Daydreaming 1993

Columbia Records 659059 2

In 1986, Pennye Ford replaced Lorena Shelby as the lead singer of Klymaxx. After a year on the road she joined the SOS Band for a six-month stint before working as the principal background singer with Chaka Khan, and session work, including two albums for George Clinton. It was through her work with Chaka Khan that Ford wound up joining Snap! late 1989.

Based on the runaway success of Snap!, Ford did a one-year tour with the group. As the co-writer of four Snap singles, The Power, Oops Up, Mary Had a Little Boy and the Euro hit Cult of Snap, which collectively sold nine million copies. Upon leaving Snap, Ford was the object of a major-label bidding war that resulted in her signing to Columbia/Sony in June 1991.

In 1993, Pennye having dropped the 'e' from her christian name and released the album 'Penny Ford', which was produced by Randy Jackson. The album contained her version of the Aretha Franklin penned and performed Daydreamin'. She enlisted the services of producer and bassist Randy D. Jackson, who had worked with Narada Michael Walden. It features guitar by John Mitchell, piano by Greg Phillanganes and a tight sax solo by Gerald Albright.

Good mixes all around but the Full Day 12" got a lot of play, as I recall. It's a shame the LP Version is edited for the single though?

  • Single Edit
  • Love Deacons Of Soul Mix
  • Full Day 12" Mix
  • Tabanca/Dance Hall
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