Sunday, 16 November 2008

Headz - 1994

Mo Wax Records MWCD026

OK, this isn't soul, per se, but its damn good music that belongs in a Soul & Dance arena. Leftfield, fair enough, but interesting and skillfully executed. This is for the Hip Hop avant garde, lovers of the Low End Theory, the Jazz Headz.

A collage of beautiful jams, 16 instrumental excursions, my favourites being Freedom Now (Meditation) by Patterson, Contemplating Jazz by Attica Blues, Ravers Suck Our Sound by LA Funk Mob and the DJ Shadow tracks, Lost & Found (S.F.L.) & In-Flux (Alternative Interlude '93 Remix). Also worthy of a mention is the Palm Skin Productions - Slipper Suite comprising
  1. Jeremy's Velvet Slippers
  2. Moonrakers
  3. Unspeakable Acts
It's all good, insert disc, press play, lay back and do your thing!

This 2 CD set came in a plastic gatefold wallet with two CDs each in its own sleeve.

It was later reissued carrying the same catalog number but in plain grey card sleeves without the artwork. I don't think its available anymore. OK, I admit it, it was an easy post but the turntable is out and ready to work.

  • Patterson - Freedom Now
  • Attica Blues - Contemplating Jazz
  • Awunsound - Symmetrical Jazz
  • Nightmares On Wax - Stars
  • La Funk Mob - Ravers Suck Our Sound
  • M.F. Outa 'National Miles Out Of Time
  • RPM - The Inside
  • Autechre - Lowride
  • Olde Scottish - Wildstyle: The Krush Handshake
  • DJ Shadow - Lost & Found
  • Skull - Destroy All Monsters
  • Deflon Sallahr - ... Don't Fake It
  • RPM - 2000
  • Palm Skin Productions - Slipper Suite
  • UNKLE - The Time Has Come
  • Howie B Inc. - Head West
  • Tranquility Bass - They Came In Peace
  • DJ Shadow - In-Flux
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Thanks for this - haven't heard this in years.

    FYI - it's companion piece Headz 2 is at :


    Ali Boingo

  2. HEADZ was a newcomer for a new trippin' Era. If you like this, search fo Freezone 2 too:
    Peace !!!


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