Sunday, 13 July 2008

Don-E - Fakin' The Funk 1995

4th & Broadway BRCD 290

After the hype, the success and the mistake, Don-E slipped away to produce his sophomore set. His return was greeted with a lot less fuss, many people have likely not heard of Changing Seasons, the album was certainly nowhere near as successful as Unbreakable. This was, I believe, the first single released before the album was released (but don't quote me) and Dodge from Dodge City Producctions was called in for remix duty. The Soul Inside Mix gives a different slant to what is already a fair track but it don't raise it to essential. It is still a release worth having though and a promise of better to come.

  • Fakin' The Funk (Album Edit)
  • Fakin' The Funk (Soul Inside Mix)
  • Fakin' The Funk (Fakin' It Mix)
  • Tonight
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  1. Could you please re-up this one and Rhythm Of Life???


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