Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Angie Giles - Submerge 1992

Arista Records 12 IS 513

You want this one! Check the credits, Perfecto and Driza Bone on remix duties and they are soulful mixes. Driza Bone walk it for me but check out Sleeper too. If you like beautiful soulful music that makes you feel all dreamy and warm, download, turn up the volume and press play.

  • Submerge: Driza Bone Remix
  • Submerge: Driza Bone Radio Edit
  • Submerge: The Perfecto Remix
  • Sleeper
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Angie Giles.rar Filesize: 29.97 MB


  1. Hi, i've tried many times to download this track, but it just wont go to the download page, could u plz re-up this track again? many thanks!! love ur blog!

  2. Thank u, Mickey! its working! :)


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