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Young Disciples - Apparently Nothin' (1991)

Talkin' Loud, TLKCD 5
Something for the weekend, sir?
An anonymous person requested Apparently Nothin’ in the comments section of the Young Disciples EP/Move On EP, and I felt moved to oblige.
To be fair, I can’t believe this track isn’t on here already, it’s such an undeniable, bona-fide, classic, and it’s the sort of track that should be on first, before any other tracks are added, kinda thing - it really is that big a tune.
You all know this song. It was the gem in the crown of the UK urban music scene in the 90s. A modern day funk masterpiece, no less. I’d even go so far as to say it is arguably one of the finest slices of music to ever come out of the UK (then again, the YD’s are one of my all-time fave bands, so I’m kinda biased). It was covered by the Brand New Heavies (I think I have their version laying around somewhere if anyone is curious), but it plain wasn't as good as this original release. There really isn't much to say about this song that you won't already know, I guess.
This CD single contains no real surprises - there's the version we all know and love, as well as a shortened Radio Edit, and an Instrumental version (yay!). There's also the Soul River version, which appears on the album, but isn't quite as good (in my opinion anyway), but does have a lovely wah-wah guitar opening.
Ladies and gentlemen, Soul Vendor is proud to present the mighty Young Disciples, Apparently Nothin’.
That is all. ;)

  • Apparently Nothin’ (Edit)
  • Apparently Nothin’
  • Apparently Nothin’ (Soul River Mix)
  • Apparently Nothin’ (Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Apparently Nothin'.zip Filesize: 23.2MB


  1. Kymba,

    You're reactive, quick and you bring dope stuff galore all over the place. Thanx for your regular updates.
    Agree with you. It had to be here on the blog, even though there's not much apart from the instrumental.


  2. Hey Ms Kymba I am sure your raiding my record collection... wicked selection so far ...
    Talkin about other YD versions of this tune ... i have a copy of apparently nothing on talkin loud , on clear vinyl with 3 or 4 other mixes on it i distinctly remember a nelle Hooper re-rub and 2 Large Professor mixes .
    anyhow to me nothing can beat the Soul river version...sublime.

    Regards and thanks

  3. Nitro - we need those remixes!! :)

    I don't think I've even heard them.

    And thanks boys!!

  4. I like this track, the radio version is the best in my oppinion go right to the beats, but is a little short to mix, the instarumental solve the problem for a Djs like me. :-)

    I would like to see Posted here some of my fav tracks:
    Lalah Hathaway - It´s Somethin (12''), Gwen Guthrie -Eyes (You Never Really Cared) 12'' , Sherrick - Tell Me What It Is 12'', Sherrick le´s be lovers tonight 12'',Charlotte - Quen of hearts (12'') version with pianno intro, Cherrelle Tears Of Joy (Tabu Records) 1992 12'') ohhhhhhhh I have a list.

  5. Nice list Larry, I know you have many more, Let's Be Lovers Tonight (Extended Dance Mix) is almost ready to post, along with Kenny Thomas - Thinking About Your Love (One World), Di Brown - Blind Faith and 52nd Street - I Can't Let You Go. Can I get a 'Hell Yeah!' ;-)

  6. Nitro, I agree with Kymba, we need those remixes.

  7. excellent choice! thanks! this is such a classy blog!

    @nitro: never heard the remixes, could you pls. rip and share them here? i promise i would bake you a cake.



  8. Yeah, Nitro, we need those remixes. I remember hearing the Large Pro one and it's as great as it's described.

  9. agreed. this is about as good as it gets.
    we do NEED to hear the Large Professor mixes though.... can you help us out Nitro.


  10. Found it on

    ^^ I'm DYING to hear both Large Pro mixes and the Re-Rub.

    If it doesn't get posted anytime soon, I'm gonna bite the bullet and pay over the odds for a copy.


  11. Everybody WANTS Nitro's mixes...

    Hey, he either will or he won't, make them available. Now, how about showing some interest in contributing?

    "I would like to see posted here....
    Lalah Hathaway - It´s Somethin, Gwen Guthrie -Eyes (You Never Really Cared), Sherrick - Tell Me What It Is, Charlotte - Queen of Hearts (piano intro version), Cherrelle - Tears Of Joy (Tabu Records)"

    Larry has a nice wish list here, I'd like to see those here too, nobody has said "Oh, I have that."

    Come on guys, lets see a a little payback. Kymba is happy to share her collection, let's hear what you got, not just what you want?

  12. Inluvwitthamuzik5:13 pm, March 01, 2009

    Speaking of Apparently Nothin' does anyone have the Brand New Heavies version (I think the single was released in 97/98) and the Saturday Night single?

  13. I've got the BNH's version - I'll dig out my CD single and post it.

    S'not as good, though!


  14. Hey Peeps,
    sorry been very busy ,
    OK the Remixes...
    Well My vinyl is at home in London , and I'm currently working abroad. i will be back visiting London around April /May , if you guys can wait I'll get the remixes upped for yous... in fact i'll get as many 'upped' to Mikey p as poss.


  15. Good man Nirish,

    I knew you'd be up for it, if it were possible. As and when my friend, as and when. Good things come to those who wait (or those who have no limit on their Platinum Card I guess).

    Ms B... Say hello to my man Nitro. Got myself a Co-Pilot Dude!


  16. Mikey , i don't like overpromising, but as you know I'm A NORTH LONDONDER so i don't think it'll be too hard to sort stuff out...
    After all the great tunes you've sorted me out with ESP Kissaway and Misty oldland - got me a feelin...
    its the least i can do...
    I'll let you know once i touchdown


  17. North Londonder, huh?



  18. Hello,

    in case you cannot wait any longer, here are the Remixes. The "Re-Rub" originally surfaced on the "Red, Hot & Dance" Compilation before being included in the US-6 Track 12" with those Large Professor Mixes.

    Apparently Nothin' (Large Professor Rap Mix) (4:07)
    Apparently Nothin' (Large Professor Vocal Mix) (4:07)
    Apparently Nothin' (The Re-Rub) (4:48)

    take care


  19. Martin, what a diamond geezer!

    Thanks for sharing. ;-)

  20. I've only just seen this - Martin - I love you!!



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