Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit 'Em (1991)

Columbia Records 656950 9

Another massive tune from my youth. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam had already ensured I would always love them with the infectious I Wonder If I Take You Home, but this was the killer track for me.

Included is the bitesize Radio Mix, which is fantastic, but if you have a spare seven and a half minutes then why not spoil yourself, put your feet up, and dive into the almost Coldcut-esque sample fest and chopped up breakbeat madness that is The Brand New Super Pumped-Up C&C Vocal Club Mix. It's a thing of magnificence.

There's also an aptly named 5 Minute House Version, which I make 5:03 minutes long, but that's all I can tell you about it.

Really though, this was Clivill├ęs & Cole at their super-producer best, and a great testament to their talent.

  • Let The Beat Hit `Em (The Brand New Super Pumped-Up C&C Vocal Club Mix)
  • Let The Beat Hit `Em (Radio Mix)
  • Let The Beat Hit `Em (5 Minute House Version)

The Download Link is here:  Let The Beat Hit ' | Filesize: 36.39MB


  1. Classic crossover tune



  2. Cheers. I have also reviewed other mixes here

  3. Love it - that gorgeous Fender Rhodes sample is from "Think Twice" by Donald Byrd. Really makes it!!


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