Tuesday, 24 June 2008

D'Influence - Good Lover 1993

East West Records America A8439CD

The multi-talented D-Influence brought us many wonderful moments with their own unique style of music. Soulful Jazz would be a fair description but the music isn't twee enough to fit comfortably in that pigeonhole. D-Influence are Sarah Anne Webb (vocalist) Ed Baden-Powell (guitarist) Kwame Kwaten (keyboardist) and Steve Marston (drummer). Other than Webb, all members are skilled multi-instrumentalists, Baden-Powell regularly trading his strings for keys. The band were active prior to an 18 year old Webb joining in 1990 but that was when they became complete.

The (Wah) Classic was a breath of fresh air the first time I heard it, it's funky arsed bass, wicked beats and what sounds like an ADHD kid on the keyboard. The much hyped album did not disappoint, tracks like Good 4 We, Journey and the gospel-ish Sign (with a much too early fade) but most definitely For You I Sing This Song making it a must. It's the awesome Good Lover that opens the set, that was chosen for single release and the Le Jazz Mix here creates an interesting re-wrap of the Wow Original album track. Luvliness is a live recording that deserves a listen (shame it never got a studio production). I would advise anybody that enjoys this release to seek out the album. They have released three more since and are still active in production.

  • Wow Original - Dance Energy Edit
  • Wow Original Mix
  • Le Jazz Mix
  • Luvliness
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