Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Masterdon Committee - Funk Box Party 1982

Dee Jay Limited Edition BLUE-002

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
This is a Old School Hip Hop classic that I, once again, gotta give props to Marcus for. I didn't hear it until 1986/7 when Barry B put it out in one of his mixes layered with DSM's Destiny. The Mastermix Dance Party went out on the Thursday night and on Friday I would generally spend lunch down in the basement with Marcus and a cassette tape, playing name that tune on the car stereo. Good Times!
"Listen, listen, listen for the beatbox, Huh!"
The group came from the 147th street area of 70's Harlem, New York and comprised of MasterDon, Pebbly Poo, Gangster G, Keith KC, Boo Ski & Johnny D. It's a 'call and answer' style track that has been used many times since, a lively crowd in the studio alongside the crisp 808 beats and old school claps. It sounds like they were having a damn good party when they recorded it. Further in, the raps really kick in, Pebbly Poo's spot is one of the earliest examples of the aggressive female style developed by Roxanne Shante a few years later.

I was too late for the original pressing but managed to get a re-issue a few years later. Funk Box Party is an awesome tune and absolutely essential. Part 1 is the vocal and Part 2 is an Instrumental with vocal chorus.

The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Whoa. The Funk Box Instrumental was played at Hampton University from 1987 -1992 particulary when I was on the set. I bought the Dee Jay version and played the heck out of it for years as I hated the Rap version after hearing the instrumental.

  2. i grew up in new jersey. in a small town just across the river from philly. my family was financially challanged. we lived next to the projects. i was the only white child in the area. growing up all my friends were black (not african american). hanging out with our boom box we discovered rap, and breakdancing. we got pretty good, and started challangeing other crews from other towns. most of the time the other crews would (at first look) dismiss me as no kind of challange. i could always hold my own. untill i heard THE FUNK BOX PARTY!!!!
    we were in a under 21 club in new jersey called new york south. both crews were about even and it (to me) looked like we were going to end up outside fighting.
    when the funk box party came on, i just started dancing. popin, lockin, breakin. everything i could do. i didn't try to battle or confront anyone, just danced. we all ended up being friends. both crews, and i got the nickname grey boy cause i don't see colors.
    i am 39 years old now and still love it when i go back home to visit and see an old friend who calls me greyboy. i have funk box party on my computer, my ipod, and on disc in my jeep. everytime i listen i remember that.

  3. Hey Greyboy,

    That's what I call a comment. You got Funk Box everywhere but you shared a great memory with us anyway. Good story mate, I've only seen that kinda scene in movies myself. In East London, if somebody wanted a fight, they bumped yer arse and spilt yer beer. Guarenteed, every time.

    Thanks for sharing your memories Dude. ;-)


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