Thursday, 12 June 2008

Diana Brown - The Masterplan 1990

FFRR Records FX 133

With the emergence of the UK Acid Jazz scene in the late 80's came a new style.
"We call this style Groundbeat but it don't matter!"
It was more cool music with a lot of funk, a touch of jazz and a heart full of soul. The Masterplan is actually credited to Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe. Some say Barrie K. Sharpe as a DJ, started the Rare Groove phenomenon in the UK. He was at the forefront as a promoter with Cat in the Hat and WAG, a designer with Duffers and Sharpeye and as a recording artist with Diana Brown and The Brothers. The Brothers were a retro funk crew (possibly just studio musicians) fronted by Diana Brown. Together Diana & Barrie created ‘The Masterplan.’

Although they were included with the Acid Jazz line up, they were of a different breed. Barrie looked strange enough for Acid Jazz but their smooth-grooved easy-paced dancefloor beast was way too infectious for the Camden scene. Groundbeat never made it further than Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, although they did have more than one release. If you read the small print you may recognise a few names. Tim Lever & Mike Percy strike again with One World Productions and Andrew Levy & Simon Bartholomew would fare well with The Brand New Heavies but they are in the groove here too. It still feels timeless twenty years on.

On the flip we have a very credible cover of the Sweet Charles classic 'Yes It's You' by Diana Brown and The Brothers. Published by Tuf Records in 1987 and produced by R.S. Digital, you get the distinct impression that this is jam and everybody's having a good time.

  • The Masterplan (Extended Version)
  • Yes It's You
The Download Link is here: Download
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Barrie K. Sharpe


  1. Fantastic record. My god. Thank you for knowing about it and posting it!

    from a small town in far western NY state, USA

  2. I've got the TUF records vinyl pressing of 'Yes It's You'. I bought it after meeting and speaking to Simon Bartholemew at a Level 42 gig of all places. He told me it was one of the rarest Heavies pieces and it features Andrew Levy and Simon Bartholomew. I don't think it features Jan from the Heavies. Thanks for the Masterplan download - one of my all time faves and another single i'd lost! Cheers, Paul.

  3. Hey Steve,

    Welcome to my humble establishment. This is like 'Back In The Day' when you used to go to your specialist record shop and hang for a few hours digging through the crates and getting the guys to spin the tunes. If you work out the £ per hour it was probably cheaper than Bed & Breakfast rates. Stick around and enjoy, I have folk in NY state, where's Rochester, is that western?

    Hi Paul,

    If you are Paul Waller the producer I am truly honored sir, you have dabbled on a good few classics of your own. I hope you don't mind Change & Young Soul Rebels being posted here? Anything interesting alongside Yes It's You on that TUF 12"

  4. Its a little known fact that one of the writers of Masterplan is Jazzie B (romeo) of soul to soul

  5. The brother were the Brand New Heavies & The Young Disciples.

    The Night where Lascelles Lascelle (Brand New Heavies when they were still funky) & I Instigated "Rare Groove", was Blackmarket, later better known as the record store Next to Duffer in Soho

  6. You can check the other mixes by David Morales, Eric Kupper and Joey Negro on my blog Mix Collectors


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