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Street Sounds Edition 1 1982

Street Sounds Records STSND 001

This was the moment that redefined the compilation album. Morgan Khan had worked in the UK record industry since the mid 70's. An Indian, born in Hong Kong, who grew up in London, Khan started the Streetwave record label in 1981 and within a year, Street Sounds was born Compiled from the hottest 12" imports of the day, these releases made the dance floor hits of the time available to the normal guy on the street. In the early 80's a 12" single was priced around £2 and you would pay over £4 for an import 12". The Street Sounds series offered usually 8 to 12 full-length 12" mixes for under a fiver. Understandably, the Street Sounds series was met with considerable enthusiasm and ran for over 6 years. They released 50 albums across the various series, Street Sounds and Electro being the most successful, reaching Edition 20 before restyling and losing the plot.

Strangely enough, the dodgey compilations that resulted from the advent of the House and Rave scene was not the cause of Street Sounds downfall. It was the labels magazine venture that caused them to go bust. It did mean that the label never got to suffer a slow lingering demise though. Respect to Morgan Khan!

On this debut release, Raw Silk & Peech Boys are both special mixes, Don't Make Me Wait is an exclusive 10 minute epic beginning with a long acappella that has been sampled to death. Northend's Tee's Happy is a remix and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five are the hottest news of 1982.

  • Raw Silk - Do It To The Music
  • Grandmaster Flash - The Message
  • Inner Life - Moment Of My Life
  • Northend - Tee's Happy
  • Greg Henderson - Dreamin'
  • Dunn & Bruce Street - Shout For Joy
  • Kadenza - Let's Stay Together
  • Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait
The Download Link is here: Download
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