Friday, 6 June 2008

The Temptations - The Jones 1992

Motown Records TMGX 1403

The Temptations are a legendary group but in 1991 when they released the album 'Milestone' the line up had changed several times and group members were suffering ill health. With no particularly strong songs either, it's hardly surprising that Milestone, as an album, was forgotten.

It was probably for this reason that 'The Jones' was offered up for the remix treatment. The UK's Bob Jones could do no wrong at this time and Ray Hayden was formidable as a producer, artist and remix engineer, especially on the London scene. Opaz Studios turned out this superb remix which was played to death that summer.

I seem to recall a film of similar name. Can anybody confirm whether or not this track was featured in a movie around 1992?

  • 12" Surgery Mix
  • Full Surgery Mix
  • 7" Surgery Mix
  • Surgery Instrumental
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