Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Out And About EP 1992

Talkin' Loud TLKCD17

Subtitled "Talkin' Loud On Tour '92" this sampler EP was used to push Perception & K-Creative, the labels hot new talent's.

For me it was Feed The Feeling which I played, equally, both mixes. The original is a cool jazzy vibe but the Pal Joey remix is stripped down and the refrain & vocals lose their beauty BUT instead we get a groove that nails your feet to the floor and has more hooks than a fishing tackle box!

K-Creative are exploring jazzy rap and they have good ideas goin' on but it's not essential, just interesting at this point.

Perception later cut a beautiful rendition of the Bee Gees penned Guilty (a 1980 hit for Streisand & Gibb) that was so good, I actually forgot why I wasn't supposed to like it.

K-Creative also released some reasonble product, A Stitch In Time being memorable for me but nothing really broke through for them on the commercial front. I guess that's a good thing in some ways but then.... where are they now?

The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. thx for sharing, nice ep which brings back memories


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