Monday, 16 June 2008

Vivienne McKone - Sing 1992

FFR Records FX 183

  • Sing (Remix)
  • Sing
  • Self Control (Straight Back Mix)
  • Fly
An excellent E.P. from Vivienne McKone, produced by Stewart Levine and a couple of remixes from Simon Law. Law, known for his smooth, soulful remixes at a time when everybody else was banging the beats and making cheesey dance mixes, loses his stride here on Sing (Remix), producing a good pop song along the lines of a Gabrielle single.

Move swiftly along and sample the original Sing, far superior and as cool as you like. Flipping over, Simon Law redeems himself with the superb Straight Back Mix of Self Control, funky back beat and a dangerous vibe lead up to some philly strings and handclaps a la Forget Me Nots, nice tune. Finally, Vivienne's previous release Fly does exactly what it says on the label, soaring beautifully through soul heaven. A great release.

The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. So right about the "Self Control" remix, Simon Law rarely disappoints. Thanks!!!

  2. any chance of a re-up of Self Control (Straight Back Mix)


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