Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Nuf El Tee - Back Together Again 1992

Retro Records RET 128

Nuf-El-Tee comprised of Peter Bielig and Joe Matz, previously known as Flair, who had a certain amount of dancefloor success with G.Q. For Nuf-El-Tee they acquired guest vocals from the great Noel McCalla. Look What Love Did To Me was, for me, their finest hour and when I come across it, I'll post it. Meanwhile, this release, dedicated to the late Donny Hathaway, features Shirley Gordon alongside our Noel in a very competent cover of the classic Back Together Again. Obviously, Donny & Roberta Flack are gonna be hard to compete with but the vocal performance here is top notch.

Unfortunately, due to the current trend at the time, Tony G. was brought in to add a little reggae style chat over the middle eight. It does nothing for the song and would have been better off on B-side. Do not be deterred though because on said B-side there lies the U.S. Remix by Bernard Stortz. Remix my arse, this is just the song without the gimmicks, exactly how it should be and sounding fine.

  • Back Together Again
  • Back Together Again (U.S. Remix)
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