Saturday, 21 June 2008

Linda Lewis - Sideway Shuffle 1995

Turpin Records TPN-1

  • Sideway Shuffle (South Of The Border)
  • For Lovesake
  • Sideway Shuffle (Radio Edit)
The return of Linda Lewis: After a long hiatus, losing interest in the fickle music industry and being a parent, Linda 'Rock A Doodle Do' Lewis got back into the business. Linda, who originated from London's East End, had moved with her husband to L.A. Having rested for several years, she suddenly got the urge to make music again and returned home to the UK where she recorded an album called 'Second Nature' for Turpin Records in 1995. The album became a hit in Japan, a place where Linda's popularity has never diminished.

This single taken from 'Second Nature' features a new recording of Sideway Shuffle, originally from 1974's Heart Strings album which also featured Rock A Doodle Do and Fathoms Deep. For Lovesake is the superior track though, a solid, retro soul shuffler with extra 'feel good' factor.

The Download Link is here: Download
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