Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Ingram - Smoothin Groovin 1983

Streetwave Records WAVEL 3

  • Smoothin Groovin
  • D.J.'s Delight
  • D.J.'s Delight Medley
Ingram were a family group that came from Camden, (NJ not UK). Siblings, Norman (bass and trumpet), James or Jimi (vocals, keyboards, sax, flute), Barbara (vocals), Billy (guitar, bass, trombone), John (lead vocals, drums, tuba), Timmy (drums, percussion, trumpet) and Francis, Edith, and Virginia Ingram (vocals) had their roots are in gospel as their father was a minister. Recording under various names such as Ingram, The Ingram Kingdom & The Ingram Family, they wrote, arranged, produced and published their own material and other artists. They were mostly active in the US during the 1970's but never really got the recognition they deserved.

Ingram resurfaced in 1983 for two more albums, Would You Like to Fly (1983) and Night Stalkers (1985). Smoothin' Groovin' (U.K. Top 75), and D.J.'s Delight came from the 1983 album and Streetwave Records licensed the tracks for the U.K where they enjoyed a measure of success.

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