Saturday, 28 June 2008

Lance Ellington - Love Scared 1990

A&M Records AMY 585

The son of English bandleader Ray Ellington, Lance has been a successful session vocalist working with many of the big names, including Al Green, Johnny Gill and Tina Turner. Although his own 1990 album, Pleasure And Pain, didn't create waves on either side of the Atlantic, those in the know valued the 12" dancefloor mixes with good reason.

Treat Me Right was remixed by Def Mix Productions but it's predecessor remained in-house. In fact, Love Scared is the album track, referred to on the sticker as Love Scared Part I, the rest of this 12" comprises new recordings, untouched by Flyte Tyme and remixed by Lance himself. Going by the wordy title of, Love Scared Part II (Let's Talk It Over), this knocks spots off of Part I. Losing the sugarey 80's dance of the Steve Hodge production, this track features one seriously bad-ass bassline. The Original and the Mellow Version are both killer dancefloor tracks whilst the Piano Version is an off-kilter, leftfield jazz track.

  • Love Scared
  • Love Scared PT II (Let's Talk It Over)
  • Love Scared PT II (Mellow Version)
  • Love Scared PT II (Piano Version)
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  1. thanks again man for this Flyte Tyme gem, but how to contact you ?


  2. Hey there,
    What's up Dude, I'm here. Good to see some comments about my posts. I like to hear that they are appreciated. I spend a lot of time making them available and then I only know if anybody is grabbing them when I get a comment, so thanks. ;-)

  3. Of course !! Thanks 2 U Mickey, your work is so .... I'm really happy 2 see 90s UK R&B on a blog !!!!
    If you have Jazzy Jeff "I Can't Wait" (the promo is with the Brixton Mix) but the real release is good 2. ...

    Thanks again Mickey for your work !!!


  4. Hi there friend, sorry I took so long but bad news, I've had a search and I don't seem to have 'I Can't Wait' Anybody else have the full single release?

  5. Strictly speaking all the music was written, produced and mixed in much part by me. Steve Hodge was great and the Flyte tyme studios were amazing but most of the work was done beore we got there. I found this as I was looking for an image for my iTunes. Nice to see its still out there.

    Peter Pritchard

  6. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the props mate, pleased to agree that you done a great job. The whole album was a gem and these deserve their place as Soul classics. It's a shame people don't play this music more often instead of the largely synthetic garbage that dominates our lives nowadays?


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