Thursday, 19 June 2008

Roshelle Fleming - Love Itch 1986

Crossover SLN 1

  • Love Itch
  • Love Itch (Instrumental)
  • Love Itch (Radio Version)
Listen to that opening vocal, how many times have you heard that voice sampled? Roshelle Fleming, was once part of First Choice, of 'Let No Man Put Asunder' fame. The '70s Philly disco vocal group consisted of Roshelle Fleming, Annette Guest and Ursula Herring. Philadelphia native Fleming is one of the most distinctive lead vocalists in Soul & Dance music. Fleming's vocals are also one of the most sampled, heard on countless dance records from around the world.

This dancefloor cracker is like an extension of Fonda Rae's Electro anthem, Tuch Me (Touch Me). Hardly surprising as it's produced and arranged by Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams, the guys who wrote and produced Tuch Me and were also behind Universal Robot Band, Inner Life, Phreek, & Bumblebee Unlimited. Love Itch was mixed by Elai Turbo, who has worked on Run DMC & Alyson Williams among others.

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