Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sherrick - Let's Be Lovers Tonight 1987

WEA Records W9146T

Lamotte Smith, a.k.a. Sherrick, recorded his debut album 'Sherrick' (1987) with Warner Brothers. It was produced by Michael Stokes and gave us the first single release Just Call which hit the UK Top 30. This track is a Bobby Sandstrom along with Steve Barri who supplied the remix.

The Extended Dance Remix is certainly worthy of a place in your collection and the two tracks on the flip, Let's Be Lovers Tonight and Do You Baby, are from the album. Not much in the 12" department but if you haven't got Sherrick's album (which I haven't) then it's a nice addition.

Sherrick began putting together some new songs when he tragically died in January 1999. The new recordings are not yet released as his wife Lynne Conner-Smith (who is in posession of his most recent tapes) is wary of many record companies and their agenda's. It is supposedly being made available through Johnson Dynasty Inc. via their website but it doesn't seem very professional. I hope Mrs. Conner-Smith has the good sense to get some good backing after all, distrust is one thing but losing the opportunity altogether is foolish.

  • Extended Dance Remix
  • LP Version
  • Do You Baby
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. This track is one of my favorites. Hey soul lovers do U believe in miracles? yezz I believe, look this web , and you will see the new project called Sherrick Greatest hits Featuring "Lamont Smith" 2009, some tracks are beeing posted on Youtube , the tracks sounds like slow groove. It`s a BommmmmB

  2. There are some nice tracks appearing on YouTube. I emailed their site but so far no reply. That was about 4 days ago?

  3. Methinks the host of this blog definately deserves to get his hands on the Sherrick album.

    [["if you haven't got Sherrick's album (which I haven't"]]

    Tracks like "Lady You Are" (despite some of the cheesy spoken-word verses - killer bridge and chorus though), "Baby I'm For Real", "Tell Me Like It Is" and the two previously mentioned singles are classics.

    Here you go Mickey:

  4. You Sir, are a true Gentleman!

    Thanks Sasha, I wasn't hinting but I'm sure glad you didn't miss it. ;-)

  5. any chance for the reup of this album ? looking for it anywhere :)




  7. link is dead :o(


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