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Michael Patto - So Much For The Lovin' 1991

Imagine Records ZD 44782

Michael Patto is a song writer, producer and artist. Born of Mike Patto snr. who was a highly respected rock musician (Spooky Tooth, Patto, Timebox, Boxer), Michael started out on bass but switched to piano in his late teens and started writing songs. He was signed as an artist to BMG aged 20. He saw people take his good ideas and turn them into rubbish and decided to move on and started working with Kenny Lynch.

At 26 he started his own label Exploding Plastic which introduced him to a lot of new music. Being the in-house producer he was working on all kinds of music from Soulful House to Indie. It was there we he had the opportunity to work a lot with British soul genius Don-E. Mike has worked on so many different recordings and has been involved with some of the finest talents on the UK music scene.

As an artist he is probably best known for (I've Got) Love Enough For Two which, somewhat criminally, failed to chart in 1991. Personally, I thought that was far to Pop which was why a) I didn't buy it and b) it should have charted. So Much For The Lovin' came out that same year and is a great piece of soulful dance music. I seriously suspect that the Charme crowd will like the Radical Mix more. A lovely lazy bassline, almost dub style but retaining the song in full. What Can I Do is another good song, writing with Wayne Brown was obviously a good combination. I cannot understand why these singles didn't chart in the UK and the only answer I can come up with is a lack of good taste in the music industry at that time. If it isn't what the industry believes in then it doesn't get the exposure.

  • So Much For The Lovin'
  • What Can I Do
  • So Much For The Lovin' (Radical Mix)
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Michael Patto is a legend that nobody has heard of. He will be involved in something in your music collection. Visit his MySpace and hear some of his work.

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