Wednesday, 4 March 2009

L.V. - Throw Your Hands Up 1995

Tommy Boy Records TBCD 699

Larry Sanders, better know by his stage name L.V. is best known for his collaboration with rapper Coolio on the hit single, Gangsta's Paradise. His contribution to the song is the vocal bit that is not rap.
L.V. grew up with a father who sang gospel music along with the radio every morning, won a high school talent contest, joined the Los Angeles City College choir, and contributed R&B vocals to a neighbourhood rap group, the South Central Cartel. L.V. is said to have been shot nine times at close range. He spent eight months in the hospital and a year and a half in a wheelchair before he eventually recovered completely.
Following his success with Gangsta's Paradise, L.V. landed a contract with Tommy Boy Records, and released his debut album I Am L.V. in 1996. This album didn't spawn many singles, except for the title track. The album does feature his solo recording of Gangsta's Paradise. That version is 'sans Coolio' and all the better for it, in my humble opinion of course. That's not to say I don't love the original tune mind.
Throw Your Hands Up is a pretty good sing-along song (Heyyyy, Yoooo) with a lazy head-nodding bottom line. Kinda reminds me of Zhane's It's A Party but certainly nothing to get excited about. It's available with or without rap from Treach and once again my preference is without. The KAM Version is not a lot different from the No Rap Version but I seem to prefer it?

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: LV.rar File size: 27.98 MB

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