Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Way Of Life - Trippin' On Your Love 1990

Eternal Records YZ464T

OK, moving on with Kenny Thomas in mind, this platter turns up out of nowhere. When the whole country had moved from 808's and Smiley Faces to Breaks and Bleeps, somebody decided that acoustic guitars were cool. I think Italy done it first but I digress.

From a plethora of excellent grooves came this excellent number. It stood out from the crowd for several reasons. First it was a proper song with a melody and lyrics, etc. Secondly, it had a great vocalist on it and I do mean great. This voice, soaked in emotion, absolutely soars.

So there's a buzz around the track but no information. The track, credited to Smith & Rice is Trippin' On Your Love, and it's produced by Chris Brown (No, he was still in nappies) and A Way Of Life and it's an up-tempo version of an obscure Staple Singers number.

Now the bonus track Distant Thunder is written by Brown, Beckett & Best which I suspect is Chris Brown and A Way Of Life but this track has no vocals. Neither does the Subliminal Club Mix (which is basically an instrumental of Trippin') so... who is the voice on this track. Anybody?

  • Full Length Version
  • Subliminal Club Mix
  • Distant Thunder
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. AWESOME upload. Got this track on cassette recorded sometimes in April or May 1990.
    Thanks a lot.


  2. Thanks for sharing, always wondered about the credits on this one too...

  3. The singer is Mike Allan



  4. Megaupload is shutdown......(Crying)


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