Monday, 16 March 2009

Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) - (1996)

Columbia Records, LCD162
Another track taken from the excellent Urban Hang Suite LP, Ascension was one of my fave tracks on that particular album, however, the Tribute remix (presumably in "tribute" to the SOS Band's brilliant "No One's Gonna Love You", which was plundered to provide a brand new backing track for Ascension) really pushed it up a notch, and is much one of my favourite remixes.
(Mickey - we don't have any SOS Band on here, do we?)
There's also an extended "Uncut" take of the album version of Ascension, as well as a track called Reunion, which is a sexy ballad as only Maxwell can do them, but it is just the album version, so nothing special or new there.
Really though, you'll be wanting the Tribute mix. It's brilliant. There's also a nice instrumental version included as well in the form of the Tribute Unsung mix.
- Kymba :)

  • Ascension (Uncut)
  • Ascension (No One's Gonna Love You, So Don't Ever Wonder
    The Tribute Uncut)
  • Ascension (No One's Gonna Love You, So Don't Ever Wonder
    The Tribute Unsung)
  • Reunion
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: File size: 22 MB


  1. Again another top notch post Kymba. I remeber this being canned at the Notting Hill Carnival. Everywhere you turned it was on blasting through the speakers.

  2. Not yet we don't Kymba, I would love a copy of the High Hopes 12". How about Groovin', was there a 12" of that? I don't have any SOS Band on CD but I'm sure I can muster up a couple of 12"'s.

    Nice post by the way. ;-)

  3. Ya know... a couple of weeks ago I went and saw Eric Benet at the Jazz Cafe, and the DJ dropped this Maxwell tune beforehand.... and I've been looking for a download-copy of these particular mixes ever since.
    It must be fate - thanks Kymba.

  4. Remember buying this beauty on 12" the week it came out. Outstanding, as was the album.

  5. Maxwell...classic.
    Thanx Kymba.

  6. Good post here! I have this, but just wanted to say that yes, there was a 12" on "Groovin' (That's What We're Doin')" & it was great with a nice little extended breakdown near the end. If I can find my 12", I'll see about getting it posted.

  7. I do believe that I have the 12" of 'High Hopes' on mp3. I think that I ripped it at 128 kbps though.

  8. Hey jdaman,

    Groovin' is a great tune, totally different to High Hopes (also an anthem of course) and the like.

    I'm sure plenty of people would be interested in hearing the mp3 but I can't make a proper post of it unless you have the 12". I need all the tracks and the label scans, at least but if you have, I'd love to put it up. ;-)

  9. Amazing remix. Thanks for posting been looking for this for quite some time. Anymore Maxwell to come? Particulary looking for all versions of Luxury: Cococure and Get To Know Ya...

  10. Heya Lee - I'm all out of Maxwell's singles, but in case you missed it first time round, Mick posted the 'Til the Cops Come Knockin' CDS here - that's got a tasty full length version of the Urban theme on it. Yum!

    Anyone else got some Maxwell?

  11. Nice blogg. You are a genius. By any chance would you happen to have
    Maxwell Sumthin' Sumthin' The Mantra Uncut. It is a rare CDS.


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