Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lynden David Hall - Forgive Me (UK 12") - (2000)

EMI Records/Cooltempo, 12COOL346
"This one's fresh, this one's a brand new (brand new) check the mic a one-two..."
To continue from the post yesterday, kindly supplied by our very own José Manuel aka Alifunk, of the Promo CD for "Forgive Me", here's a rip of the "Forgive Me" 12" - complete with extended mixes.
I'll keep this short, as Mick posted all about it on the previous post.
The first mix is Artful Dodger's excellent Dark Dub - I know it's probably blasphemy, but I prefer this to their full vocal mix, I remember shaking my booty in the clubs to this when it came out, and it would absolutely destroy dance-floors. An absolute killer dance track.
Secondly, we have the excellent Ignorants Club Mix, which is an extended version of their mix on the promo CD - I really like this mix, like the Artful Dodger Dark Dub, which caters for the dancefloor massive, this one is for the Hiphop/R&B heads, and really hits the spot.
Finally, catering for the soul lovers, there is the album mix, and the full majesty of the D-Influence remix - check out that gorgeous intro.
Before I go, and I think I speak for Mickey as well here, I would like to big up José and DJ Larry for getting involved and helping to share the music - this post is dedicated to you boys, as well as to the memory of Lynden, who we all miss terribly.
- Kymba :)
  • Forgive Me (Artful Dodger Dark Dub)
  • Forgive Me (Ignorants Club)
  • Forgive Me (Album version)
  • Forgive Me (D-Influence 12" Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: File size: 26 MB

PS - I've placed both the resized artwork for the Soul Vendor site, as well as the full-size scans, in the .ZIP file. Also, as this is a vinyl rip, there may be a few crackles and a bit of "hum" - as usual, I've kept the original .WAV files of the vinyl rip, so if anyone wants them to remove the vinyl noises, just holler and I can arrange to send them


  1. Bravo Bravíssimo José Manuel, es muy agradable para mí encontrar una vez más, nuestra amistad es desde el comienzo de los Grupos de mp3 de audigalaxy, donde pudimos compartir nuestro genero preferido de la musica soul y R&B. Muchas Gracias por este post.

  2. Thank you again Kymba for these excellent remixes (i didnt have Dodge Dark Dub version and it's amazing!!).
    Larry, hermano gracias a ti he conocido excelente música, también te estoy muy agradecido por ello.
    Kymba or Mickey, I'm in grattitude with this blog and of course with you, and i want to contribute with some little stones.
    I love so much UK R&B and Soul in 90's, specially remixes. One of my favourite artist was Beverley Knight, her first album on Dome was exciting, i want to share with you some of the singles of the album (and if you think convenience to post in the blog). I star with -Made It Back- (i dont know if was her first single).

    (I'll share the video tomorrow, -92 MB-)

    One year later she released second CDS of remixes with cover of Chic - Good times- I love it!!!!

    Kind regards

  3. Thanks José, very nice of you. It certainly wasn't her first mate. To my knowledge, that was Flavour Of The Old School which paved the way for her splendid 1996 B-Funk album which included Moving On Up (On The Right Side). This is from 1997's Prodigal Sista which inclued Greatest Day, Sista Sista and Rewind. Other excellent songs from Bev Knight include Keep This Fire Burning & Shoulda Woulda Coulda but those first two albums were the real deal. She became more diva-ish and released a Hits collection a few years back.

  4. José - you're cool, honey.

    I love Bev.

    I saw her live at the 02 arena last year supporting Prince, and she was fantastic. Sounded great with a full funk band behind her.

    Do any of you have her single "Get Up"? That's one of my favourites and I don't have it!!

  5. You are right Mickey, big mistake from me. I forgot that B-Funk was her first release, i had the album (and really i think that i miss it) but i dont have any of the singles.

  6. I've got 'Flava of the Old School' as a CD Single, José - I'll look for it when I get home tonight and post it next week. :)

  7. Haven't got the time right this minute, but over the weekend I'll make a nice full double-post of those two wonderful Beverley Knight CD Singles - they deserve their own post!

    Thanks again, Alifunk. It's nice to be able to give something back, isn't it?

    Kymba x

  8. Great news Kymba!!!!

    As I told, i love this singer, i have most of the CDS and 12" of her 2nd album. Will be welcome other stuff.

    Kind regars

  9. Go Kymba, I to have Flavour and possibly Rewind, Shoulda and maybe another... I'll have a look but I'll see what Kymba comes up with first. :-D

  10. Dear friends:
    As requested by my friend Larry DJ, here i am with the multimedia from Beverley Knight - Made it Back -
    I hope you enjoy with this.

    Still waiting for a post of Beverley, i hope that will be soon.

    Kind regards

  11. Dear Kymba:
    I listened with my ipod your rip of LDH -forgive me- extended remixes and i was very dissaponted because they sounds mono.
    Please would you rip these again in stereo?

    Thank you so much in advance

  12. Thanks Kymba!!! Can you please send me wav files of this rip (or just wav file of Forgive Me (Artful Dodger Dark Dub)? tnanks in advance, my email:


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