Friday, 13 March 2009

Dread Flimstone- From The Ghetto 1991

Urban Records URBX 87
"Y'know, I think we should play a lil' music for the nice people listening... FROM THE GHETTO!"
"Dread Flimstone" was a monicker adopted by white California resident Rex Morgan, formerly a punk, who gave it up to become a Rastafarian(!) and then started making hiphop/funk tinged reggae based dance music. He toured with such luminaries as Burning Spear, Yellowman, Ziggy Marley, Third World, and Big Audio Dynamite.
The "Modern Tone Age Family" consisted of Dread Flimstone, vocalist Jah T and Papa Yaie, alongside producer Freddy Bastone.
This little gem burst onto the music scene back in 1991, and was really massive. Although never followed up with another hit single, Dread Flimstone still recorded three albums and had modest success with them. I haven't got any of his albums, so can't really vouch for quality, but I'm willing to bet calling yourself something like Dread Flimstone instantly pigeonholes you as a novelty act.
So, "From The Ghetto", then. It's a great, catchy song, and this 12" comes with no less than six(!) mixes. In honesty, there's not THAT much variation between them. My pick is the Modern Tone Family Album Mix, which is nice and funky - the others all veer a bit too close to four-to-the-floor house music for my liking, and get a bit samey, but are all worth a listen.
- Kymba :)
  • From The Ghetto (Radio Mix)
  • From The Ghetto (Modern Tone Family Album Mix)
  • From The Ghetto (Freddy's Bronx Mix)
  • From The Ghetto (Fully Radical Mix)
  • From The Ghetto (Bastone's Mix)
  • From The Ghetto (Carpeteria Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: From The Ghetto (Mixes).zip File size: 35.6 MB

PS - I've placed both the resized artwork for the Soul Vendor site, as well as the full-size scans, in the .ZIP file.

Also, as this is a vinyl rip, there may be a few crackles and a bit of "hum" - as usual, I've kept the original .WAV files of the vinyl rip, so if anyone wants them to remove the vinyl noises, just holler and I can arrange to send them.

"Not wishing to rain on Kymba's impressive parade...."

For the CD download, click here

Filename: Dread Flimstone.rar File size: 28.6 MB
Be aware that the CD has only four mixes and does not include the Album Version.


  1. Long time since this one spin - nice one Kymba.

    "Once again you're tuned into Dread Flimstone Hi-Fi... right about now my selecta, come again!"

  2. ....Oh... I just realised I repeated the call-out hook, that you started your original post with....

    ...Errr... sorry, I got carried away with the tune!

  3. I've changed the quote I used in the post now so we both look much cooler and stuff, Sash. :)

    Really glad you're loving the track!

    Kymba :)

  4. Phew!

    [[cool status restored]]

  5. Killer Tune! Love it Kymba and you beat me to it, though yours is much better cos you got six mixes.

    Since you raised the issue of vinyl hiss, I've added a link to my CD copy (which doesn't include the Album Version). Nothing personal, just a little Xtra.

  6. Nono, it's all good - I'd usually go with CD rips where possible, but in situations like this where you have different mixes between the vinyl and CD, I think we should err on the side of caution and post both.


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