Sunday, 29 March 2009

Blacksmith - Fight For The Right 1998


Blacksmith are a very important part of the UK 90's Soul scene. As a prominent production team they also created quality product as an artist. I shall get around to posting, probably, their most well known release, Get Back To Love in the very near future but in the meantime, Alifunk has provided this excellent promo 12", of a track that I have never heard of until now. José Manuel, I leave a space for some words from you, where did you find this release?

Thank you Mickey for posting this 12". I'm not really sure where I bought this one, I think it was in London, but maybe 2nd hand here in Spain. I was very into US New Jack Swing in the late 80's but my taste changed to UK Soul when the 90's started. I discovered the infectious and elegant beats and smooth voices. For me personally, it was the incredible work of remixers like Ruffland, 2B3, Dodge, Full Crew, C&J, Ignorants, Lynsley and of course Blacksmith.
Thanks José for sharing this great tune, it makes me wonder what the full release may have included. At five and a half minutes, that is one hell of a Radio Edit?

  • Radio Edit
  • Instrumental
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Blacksmith.rar Filesize: 26.81 MB


  1. Hi Mick!!!! At work at the moment so will listen to this tune when i get in.

    Any chance of upping Ruth Joy 'Feel'.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Frank, I don't have the Ruth Joy 12". Does anybody else have it coz it'd make a good post? :-/

  3. Great record!! Thanks for the post. Might you be having Hold You Back by Blacksmith

  4. where can I find the lyrics to this song? ??

  5. Any chance of re-uploading this song and some of the other tunes? The links on Megaupload are all dead.

    Thanks for the other posts, you guys are doing a great job!


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