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Ava Cherry - Gimme, Gimme 1993

Pulse 8 Records CDLOSE 46

Ava Cherry grew up in Chicago, loving Motown, Aretha Franklin, and Gladys Knight, but a four-year stint with rock star David Bowie would forever confuse her musical direction. From 1974 to 1978, as part of a backing trio comprising Robin Clark and Luther Vandross, ex model Ava was Bowie’s lover in the early to mid ’70s, as well as one of his backup singers in The Astronettes during the Diamond Dogs/Young Americans Tour. Bowie had plans for Ava Cherry and The Astronettes, producing an album for the trio that was New Wave before the term existed. It also ended up being shelved for twenty years when things with their mutual management Main Man went sour.

That setback didn’t stop Cherry from pursuing a music career, though it was tough for her to break away from being 'David Bowie’s lover'. Cherry returned home to Chicago where a friend introduced her to Curtis Mayfield. Curtom/RSO Records released her first album, Spend The Night?, but didn't use any of the rock songs she'd written. A 1980 album for RSO, Ripe!!!, caused a minor ripple on the Billboard Black Albums Chart, but when RSO bit the dust, Ava found herself with a new deal on Capitol Records. The resulting album, Streetcar Named Desire followed in 1983 on Capitol Records. It was a bit of a throwback, a funk/disco affair, just when New Wave and the music industry had finally caught up to Cherry.

When Vandross started blowing up, she joined him in 1986 and was heard on the Any Love album onward. In 1987, her second Capitol LP, Picture Me, dropped with little sales. However, along with Lisa Fischer and Kevin Owens, Cherry contributed to making Luther Vandross a top draw in urban music. The group didn't just sing behind Vandross; they executed some classy stepping and dance routines that always wowed the punters.

In 1993 Pulse 8 Records picked this track up from Radikal Records. Produced and arranged by Mauro Malavasi, the man behind Change (another Luther connection) and The B.B.& Q. Band, this snappy R'n'B number gets the remix treatment and works well for it. Written by Cherry & Malavasi, the Original Mix does a fine job in a nice 'n schmoove shuffling manner. The No Face Remix by Mark Sexx at My Place, has a great loping bass line punctuated by stabs and works wonders on the feet but my personal favourite is the Radio Boot Mix by Jay 'Mixin' Dixon at Studio J. No, me neither but it's good, a shame then that there's no 12" Boot Mix on the CD?

In 1997, J-Bird (behind the current Sherrick releases) made her Spend the Night album available on CD.

  • No Face Edit
  • Radio Boot Mix
  • Original Mix
  • West End Remix
  • West End House Dub
  • No Face Remix
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  1. awesome, this track was new to me and it blows me away
    many thanks

  2. West End mixes still sound HOT coming from a house head. Great vocalist & song too. Magic!!! ;-)

  3. Glad you approve Mark, I must say they don't do it for me. I'm a bit of a House Head myself but not the West End style. Too fast and to excitable for these ears. :-P

  4. the MU link doesn't work ...

  5. The link works fine. :-P

  6. hello, so so sad that the link is dead! Would it be possible for yuo to re-up? Thank you (


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