Monday, 30 March 2009

Paris - I Choose You 1987

Bluebird Records BRT 38

For my next post, I'd like to return to the classics!
Truly, they don't come much better than this. I Choose You is the ultimate in mellow, silky soul this one stands the test of time with its head held high. I don't know much about this release, it was big around the Rare Groove scene but I don't think it's particularly rare. It came out on Chicago's Kelli Arts Records and got a UK release on the Bluebird Records label in 1984 and I bought it from the Bluebird Records shop in Paddington, London in 1987. I considered it, at the time, to be a Bluebird re-issue of an old rarity?

Written by Paris L. Holley, whom I assume is the vocalist, and produced by Otis Leavill & Carl Davis. Yes, that's the legendary producer Carl Davis of Windy City fame. Leavill & Davis are included as writers on the original release.

The flip side is a funky thing, very reminiscent of Prince and should not be ignored, nor compared with the A side. I never listened to Punkin' Funkin' after the first play, because it was a world away from I Choose You. I mentally filed it as 'lame' only to discover at a much later date that it ain't a bad Funk tune?

  • I Choose You
  • Punkin' Funkin'
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Yeah i love this track,i bought it on 7" in the early 80s it reminded me of Curtis Mayfield.Thanks.

  2. I also got a 12'' copy from the same shop lovely track classic


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