Saturday, 28 February 2009

LA Mix - We Shouldn't Hold Hands In The Dark 1991

AM:PM Records AMCD 755

Les 'The Mix Doctor' Adams recorded mastermixes of the highest quality back in the day, In the mid to late 80's, Adams was 'the' leading light on the DMC front. While others used all sorts of effects to nail their selection together, the Mix Doctor would turn out countless perfect mixes, always faultless in both content and design. It's important to remember that most of this work would have been produced on a couple of Technics 1200's (yes, they have been around that long!) and maybe a bit of tape splicing

Toward the turn of the decade, under the name LA Mix he released his own original material, mostly Pop/Dance, two albums on A&M and also scored 5 national chart hits including Check This Out. We Shouldn't Hold Hands In The Dark is sublime soul though, featuring vocals from Emma Freilich. The Candlelight 12" Mix is all you need. Enjoy!

  • The Candlelight 7" Mix
  • The Candlelight 12" Mix
  • The Secret Lovers Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Great release from LA Mix. I always wondered if Les Adams is the Solar Radio DJ / Presenter?

  2. this is a really Hot track for me, The Candlelight 12" Mix mix perfec with HEATWAVE - MIND BLOWING DECISIONS (HEAD ON COLLISION MIX)1990 and the Sequence Doctor Woos - Soul in paradise, oooooohhhhh my great times

  3. Hey, I'm glad you guys are down with this one. Most of his LA Mix releases was of the dance style but this is quality soul.

    Les Adams is the Solar DJ and yes, he's still on the scene.

  4. Hi guys. yes I am still very much around! This was always one of personal favorites of the tracks I made. One correction, the female vocalist is not Emma freilich (my ex-wife and co-producer). In fact the femal vocal is non other than soulstress Juliet Roberts. And yes I can be heard every saturday night on Solar radio CH0129 on Sky Digital and at

    Les "Mixdoctor" Adams.

  5. All Hail The King!

    Les Adams, as I live and breathe. Thank you for gracing my humble blog with your presence.

    Have to say Mr. Adams, I witnessed your craft, first hand, at The Sussex Arms in Croydon back around 1986. Smooth as silk. You were the only name for me on the DMC albums. Unlike the majority, your mixes were totally gimmick free and nearly always a 'No Cheese' zone.

    Yes Sir, you got my vote! ;-)

  6. Kind words Mickey P, thank you. It is amazing how many people still talk about those sessions at "The Sussex". I received an email at Solar just this week from some people who worked there and I regularly get mail from people who remember it. You might be interested to know that I have started a new feature on my Solar show. Les Adams "in the mix". Surprising as it may seem, I have not mixed on the show before, mostly because my soul record collection was all over the place after I moved house some years back. well, I have it ALL in BPM order now and will be doing a mix every week, still in the traditional way, no gimmicks, although I edit on Wavelab now instead of open reel tape! I must confess I forgot how difficult it was to hold beat together when the tracke have real drummers! Have a listen if you can. The quality is superb if you have Sky, if not the stream on Solar is not too bad. The show is pre recorded in my home studio. I still use the same trusty SL1200's I bought in 1984, they are looking a little tatty now but they work like new! I now use a Denon DN-X1500 mixer and a Denon DN-D9000 CD player also. Although my helth has not been too good over recent years, my ears still seem to be working! Thank God!

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